Camping in Wales

Since I have known my two best friends Tiffany (blogs here) and Reanna we always try to plan a trip away whether that’s in Spain, Amsterdam or wet Wales. Why? To be honest I am not sure why but we have such an incredible time when we’re away because we’re hilarious.

So we booked a camping trip to Penybont in Wales at Spring Rock Fishery for two nights. I have visited this campsite before and was highly impressed the first time so I returned for a second. One of the reasons I love this campsite is for the peace and quiet. When you wake up, you are greeted with utter silence. As sad as it sounds the toilet block is my favourite toilet block I have ever been to! It has under floor heating – fancy or what. Plus the showers are so powerful which is a winner for me. You do have to pay 20p per minute for the use of the shower but I’m happy to pay when you have great service around.

We had pitched up, everything all organised neatly and the cider was open. The afternoon was great, we just chilled out and enjoyed our first evening until the night-time. What an absolute disaster going to bed was. It was official, Storm Brian had arrived and decided he was going to ruin our first night. The rain was intense, it just poured and poured and poured. I’ve seen how bad the rain gets in one of the Winnie the Pooh films but this was much worse, the noise was unbearable. That night I had a grand total of maybe one to one and a half hours worth of sleep, you can imagine how I felt on the Saturday.

We decided to eat out at the Severn Arms in Penybont. Again, this was my second visit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As soon as you walk into the room on the left of the pub you feel like you’re at home. There’s a lovely little fire in a brick wall which is so cosy and it just smells country. The service is great, everyone is so friendly despite not being a local.

My food was absolutely beautiful. For my starter I had the garlic mushrooms – what an absolute delight these were. I didn’t read the description properly and expected breaded mushrooms but when they arrived the quality looked fantastic. I could still taste them after I had finished. For the main course I had a special from the board, the chicken supreme. Now when it arrived I was unsure by the look of it but once I got started, it was delicious. There were so many flavours within the dish and that is what I like about a meal.

The owners are great to talk to and make you feel like you’re at home. It feels like you’re welcome to do what you want there! We told a member of staff (I think the owner, I didn’t catch your name, sorry!) about how crazy we were to be camping during a storm. If things got too bad in the night, they told us to give them a call and they’d see what they could do for us. That’s a lovely gesture so thank you!

It carried on raining throughout the whole weekend. We had 50mph winds, a flooded tent on two occasions, wet bedding and four hours of sleep. Thankfully the site owner Andy was really helpful by lending us a mop and bucket to clean the flood up. Our tent collapsed at one point and Andy re-pegged it for us because one had snapped.

After all of this needless to say we were very eager to get home on Sunday and have made a decision to never go camping this late in the year again.



Weekend away in Llandudno

Today I came back from a lovely weekend in North Wales. A number of years ago we visited the Snowdonia area but this time we were on the sea front in Llandudno. Wow. What a beautiful little town, there is so much to do, people everywhere and they are so friendly!

We arrived late Friday afternoon (parking is an absolute nightmare so beware of that) and managed to find the hotel fairly easy. We were greeted at the Hen-Dy Hotel by Fred and Marie, who by the way are the most incredible hosts, by far the best I have ever come across. They both carried our suitcases up the stairs, typical that I picked the top room but nevermind!

If you are looking at visiting Llandudno, I highly recommend visiting Fish Tram Chips which is located near the Tram Station. Fish, chips and mushy peas are not for me but they cater for fussy eaters like myself. A chicken burger and a strawberry ice cream milkshake will do me just fine. Honestly, it is worth visiting, waiting for a table and scoffing your face!

My aim is not to bore you with every single detail about the weekend but just the key points so if you decide to visit, you have ideas on where to go.

On the Saturday we decided to visit Conwy Castle in Conwy. If you are staying in Llandudno, there are plenty of buses (Llew Jones and Arriva) in the town rather than paying a whopping £9 for the tour buses. For the 5 mile journey to Conwy, we paid £3.75 each for a return from Llandudno to Conwy with Llew Jones – much better.

Would I recommend Conwy Castle?

The answer is yes. Do not expect this castle to fill the whole day though because it will not. Driving into Conwy is not recommend, it is a one way system with lots of people and lots of cars with limited parking. Oh, if you want an ice cream make sure you keep your eyes on it because there are seagulls everywhere…scary things.

The last day, the day nobody wants to appear as the weekend has flown by and things you wanted to do, you have not had chance to do. It is worth visiting the Great Orme in Llandudno for the beautiful landscapes that you cannot see low on the ground. There is an option to get the tram (£7) to the top or drive through the Toll Road (£3), we chose the Toll Road. Once you reach the top, there is a café, a Victorian photo shoot, crazy golf and a gift shop. Perfect atmosphere for dog walkers and people who enjoy long hilly walks.


Finally, I love Llandudno, I want to go again and I will be going again. I will most likely stay at the Hen-Dy Hotel again as they are having a refurbishment in January so it will be nice to see what they have done with the place. They also source local meat for breakfast which tastes scrumptious. I could not praise the hotel enough, it was bloody brilliant!