Race for Life 2016

Today was the day, today we had to tackle 10k at Markeaton Park in Derby and wow it was hard. The turnout, the weather and atmosphere was great, it was definitely a day to remember. If you are considering doing Race for Life, do it without hesitation and even get a big group of friends together, you’ll love it.

I did the race with my friend Rachel, we took part 6 years ago and only did 5k back then. I’ve got to say, this year it was really difficult and it felt like it was never going to end however I am really happy I did it.

We started off running and then my asthma decided it wanted to say hello, the joys of being asthmatic. My joints were causing me havoc as well, I honestly thought my legs were going to give in as my hips were in absolute agony. Again, worth the pain.

I thought it was brilliant the way Tom from Capital FM kept everyone going with his spirit and cheering people on as they were coming up to the finish line. He gave us the final push we needed so thanks Tom!

Oh also, thank you to the volunteers at the event today handing out water and those pain au chocolats, they were incredible to eat after using up all of my sugar energy.

It was a fantastic day and I am really looking forward to taking on bigger challenges. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me through this. The whole day and fundraising has been a huge success.


Just three weeks to go until the big 10k

In January I decided to take on the challenge of doing a 10K run for Race for Life during the summer. Well the date is approaching, I only have three weeks left which feels a bit surreal because I will admit that I’m not ready for it. I mean I can walk that but run? Pfft no. I have been training and changing things though just to prepare me for the race however being an asthmatic and having Joint Hypermobility Syndrome makes things a little difficult. My aim is to run though so I will try and prove my body wrong!!!

35127_1487679945703_863489_nThis was me 6 years ago doing Race for Life with Rachel.

I love that picture, it shows how great it was to do Race for Life and to be honest it also saddens me as I was so slim back then (okay not so slim but a hell of a lot slimmer). I look back at this and it pushes me to carry on and not give up on something I want to do. It also lets me appreciate the trainers I have now, those ones are horrendous.

If anybody would like to sponsor me, even if it is just £1 as every £1 will help save a life then I have popped the link below. I would be over the moon as I’m just £45 away from reaching £300 which will be £100 over my target.

Race for Life donation page

Thank you xxx

My blog is empty

Well, it’s been a long long time since I last posted on here. I get side tracked far too easily and forget what’s important to me, I’ve done it so many times. I am the same with drawing, oops.

What’s happened since September?

So much has happened, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster really and my 2016 has not had the best start so far and we are only two months in. Some will know, I lost my Gran in January which I still do not know how I feel about it. Parts of me think I am glad she is at rest because seeing her suffer when we could visit was unbearable and another part of me wished she could have had another year, seen improvements and could have gotten out of hospital.

Another loss for me, I lost a friend, not a close friend but someone I had the chance to get to know and someone that made me laugh. That was a weird feeling, knowing someone that had died. For me, it’s so surreal, one minute you’re organising something to see them and then the next they’re gone. It really hits home when someone passes. However, I am okay now, I have come to terms with what happened in January and now I have to keep looking forward.

BIG news, I finally have a new job. Nervous? Yes. Scared? Yes. This job is a step up for me, I am so sad I am leaving my current job. My bosses have been saints to me, couldn’t ask for better ones to be honest. Tomorrow marks the last week there, yep I am emotional about it but I have to look forward to getting into a bigger job and saving for a house. I will be a ‘Content Writer’ so it is a good job I have logged into this so I can start writing again.

The last post was about me finding a lump, well I have found another one, such a pain in the ass. Literally. It’ll only be a cyst but still something I could do without right now, the pain is horrible.

Oh, finally, I have joined a gym and I need to be three stone lighter by the end of the year. Yep, that is happening. Plus Race for Life – 10K…Let’s see how that goes.