Doughnotts in Derby

I was asked if I would like to attend Doughnotts launch night on Wednesday 30th August, Sadler Gate, Derby! I had no idea what to expect – a part from doughnuts of course but I hadn’t heard of the company myself as I never venture to Nottingham. Thanks again for having me!

The front of Doughnotts in Sadler Gate, Derby

At first I felt a little awkward just walking into someone’s shop when they have no idea who I am and I have no idea who they are. This is where I let shyness take over and make me think I’ll be ignored – well I wasn’t. Megan introduced herself to me and made me feel extremely welcome, she explained what the night was about and gave me two freebie vouchers.

I wandered to the doughnut counter and immediately fell in love! Omnomnom. I had no idea which one to choose as my freebie. In the end after dribbling everywhere I decided to try the hazelnut one with chocolate in the middle – it was referred to as the Snickers doughnut. What an absolute treat that was (I want another one now). The chocolate was divine but to be honest the whole thing was incredible.

Amazingly heavenly chocolately doughnut – MUST HAVE!

I also love the inside and how simple the interior is. Personally I think it is really effective because Megan and Wade haven’t over done it, they’ve made something someone would like to sit in without feeling uncomfortable. Plus the fairy lights are really cute!


Wade came over to speak to us to thank us for popping in but the pleasure was all mine. He spoke to a group of us about the business, the staff and the doughnuts and it was good to feel a part of that as well if that makes sense? You could really see the smiles and how proud Wade is of how far they’ve come and for me that’s what a successful business is about. Don’t put yourself first, put everyone else first and you succeed and then you go back to yourself with rewards.

I’d like to thank Doughnotts for allowing me to take a few extra doughnuts home for the family. They were opened instantly because they smell so good and are very well made. The dough is really soft and the fillings are not too overpowering. Also, a winner for vegans, some of the doughnuts in store are vegan friendly. I bet you’re taking a walk down there right now. Another reason why Doughnotts stand out because they’re catering for all.

The doughnuts below are Red Velvet, Death by Chocolate (story of my life) and a simple Lemon and Jam doughnut. I had the jam doughnut and if I’m being honest it did taste really nice but I wasn’t a huge fan of the jam. However, I would eat it again and probably again and maybe many more times.


Thank you to Wade and Megan for such a lovely evening! I got to experience something new and I’m glad I know about this little store. On my next visit to Derby I will be sure to pop in and scoff my face. Good luck with the store and congratulations on selling out on your first day of opening.

Derby Bloggers Brunch

It was my first time ever attending a bloggers meet up because I either live to far away or I’ve got other plans. Derby is around 30 minutes away from me so it’s not too bad to get to. Anyway I’d never met any of the girls that were attending, I’ve only ever tweeted some of them so I was dreading putting names to faces.

One of the many reasons I was looking forward to going was to see an old secondary school bestie of mine. I didn’t know Vanessa had her own blog until I came across her Instagram post and told her to get on Twitter!

Monét put a group together on Twitter so we could all have a little chat before hand and I added Vanessa to the group. This made talking to people a bit easier because some of us were/are strangers to one another. I’m so pleased she was able to come along! I’m so pleased I was able to attend as I was unsure about whether to go or not. Purely for the fact that I do not blog very often and mines a little basic compared to others.

We were late, I missed my train (not happy) and then we had to find our way to Severn restaurant which by the way is BEAUTIFUL! It was daunting walking through those doors because you don’t know what sort of reaction you’ll get when you first walk up to the table. Neither of us knew anyone. I didn’t recognise many faces (sorry) and they probably didn’t recognise me because I’m a fraudster, I don’t wear glasses on my pictures. Hehe.

After we sat down and settled in we got speaking to at least half of the table (sorry I didn’t speak to the other side, the table was very long) and they were all so so friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of people to spend my first ever poached egg in a restaurant experience with! We all ended up speaking about so many different things but to be honest I think I just waffled on about so much crap. Again, sorry!

I’m looking forward to attending the next #DerbyBloggersBrunch and getting to know these ladies more. I hope to carry on tweeting everyone like I always do and hopefully I can make some really good friends from this.

Thank you to Monét for organising it, Severn restaurant for hosting it with such incredible tasting food and the girls for attending. See you all again soon! Muchos gracias.


Race for Life 2016

Today was the day, today we had to tackle 10k at Markeaton Park in Derby and wow it was hard. The turnout, the weather and atmosphere was great, it was definitely a day to remember. If you are considering doing Race for Life, do it without hesitation and even get a big group of friends together, you’ll love it.

I did the race with my friend Rachel, we took part 6 years ago and only did 5k back then. I’ve got to say, this year it was really difficult and it felt like it was never going to end however I am really happy I did it.

We started off running and then my asthma decided it wanted to say hello, the joys of being asthmatic. My joints were causing me havoc as well, I honestly thought my legs were going to give in as my hips were in absolute agony. Again, worth the pain.

I thought it was brilliant the way Tom from Capital FM kept everyone going with his spirit and cheering people on as they were coming up to the finish line. He gave us the final push we needed so thanks Tom!

Oh also, thank you to the volunteers at the event today handing out water and those pain au chocolats, they were incredible to eat after using up all of my sugar energy.

It was a fantastic day and I am really looking forward to taking on bigger challenges. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me through this. The whole day and fundraising has been a huge success.