My resolutions for 2018

2017 was a pretty crazy year for me with ups and downs every week. I can’t say I did anything outstanding (I actually bought my own car) but I took a few trips here and there and slept in a tent through Storm Brian! It was a fun year, I got to attend my first blogging event which was brilliant as I have met so many wonderful people from it. The list could go on about what I did last year but it’s time to focus on what is happening now.

For this year I want big things to happen for me and when I say big things, I mean adult things! So what are they?

  • It’s time to move out so renting will 100% be the answer to this
  • Renew my National Trust membership and make the most of it
  • Giving up alcohol until January 1st 2019
  • Lose weight (every year)
  • Camp a few weekends over the summer (two trips booked so far)
  • Meet more friends using the Bumble app
  • Socialise a lot more
  • Taking trips to cities as I don’t explore them enough
  • Learn to play my ukulele
  • Improve my French
  • Read and review lots of books (Goodreads target is 25)

There are probably more to think of but I guess these are maybe seen as goals rather than resolutions. I am quite excited for what this year has to offer and I will be becoming more organised to achieve it all. No more sitting around staring at a blank TV, let’s get my act together and do this!

What are your plans for this year? 

What I want for my future

I want what every other blogger wants, I want to write full-time. I want to be able to create engaging content and to work with endless brands because writing makes me really happy. There’s just one problem, how can you go from a full time position to a ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen to me next month‘ position. Every full-time job guarantees you a monthly income whereas becoming freelance is a risk taker.

I have always been a bit of a risk taker with my career and choices but right now I haven’t got the balls to just quit my job. I mean I am in a great position to do so because I still live at home so now is the time to take these chances but I am terrified.

How did you become a full time freelancer? I haven’t worked with many brands as you will see on my blog but that’s what my aim is. I won’t pretend I am happy working with a brand if I’m never going to use the product.

Please send me some advice xox

I am sorry for being quiet

Quite recently I have taken a step back from blogging and communicating with bloggers on Twitter. You are probably wondering why or you might not care but I know I am not well. A lot of things have been going on at work recently and my dentist has told me I am suffering from anxiety. People have said to me well how does your dentist know? Well I am chewing the insides of my mouth constantly and causing my teeth problems. I am also grinding my teeth and the pain from biting all day is unbearable.

I won’t go into what has happened because I don’t know if people from work will read my blog. To be honest I hope they never do but you never know how much stalking people get up to.

It is a really difficult time for me at the moment and the constant crying at home has gotten out of hand. I promise I will be back but I just need some me time and to try and figure out what’s best for me.

If you’ve ever been in my situation, how did you manage?

Is doing too much damaging my body?

My life is up and down at the moment because of my health. One day I’m fine and the next my joints feel like they might snap or my mind thinks I haven’t slept for days. It definitely is a weird one and I never know how to describe it when someone asks but my problem is I have taken too much on and it’s making me ill.

What do I do each week?

As I’ve mentioned before I am in a theatre group on a Monday evening, I work Monday to Friday 08:30 – 5pm, I’m learning to play the ukulele, I also work for Avon and have many customers across my town, I’ve joined the gym this week (been twice so far) and finally I have to squeeze Michael (boyfriend) into my ridiculous schedule. I rarely have time to see my friends because I dedicate my time elsewhere and never think of myself.

Being bored is a huge thing I try to avoid. I am not one for staying it, it absolutely infuriates me because it’s such a waste of life however how much is too much? Well at the moment I certainly think it’s too much and I’m disappointed with myself that I’ve sacked off reading books and blogging. It’s kind of like you forget what is important to you but going to theatre and the gym makes me forget about the stress at work. These are my places to zone out and be free.

What’s happened?

I am just an idiot that doesn’t plan days very well but I used to be extremely good with this but since working full-time I feel like I’ve flopped on everything. Blogging and reading was always my number one thing when I was working part-time (plus Michael) and I was so excited to keep doing it. Ideas would pop into my head and I would interact more with the blogging community but I just don’t anymore.

My friends haven’t seen me in weeks because I just don’t have the time or if I have a night free, I just want to be alone. My next trip away is next weekend in Wales with the besties so that’ll give me a chance to chill out and rethink what’s right for me.

Do you take to much on? How do you deal with it?

New adventure

Exciting news for me, I am off to France until the end of October. YAAAY!

What a huge opportunity for me and I get to explore France, Switzerland and potentially Germany. You might be wondering why I’m going, well since being made redundant I have really struggled to get a job in the local area within media. So I thought, let’s see what I can do for a little bit without causing me disruption. Oh it is something new as well because I have always wanted to travel.

First thought came to me, why not be an Au Pair? Well because I am not the strongest person with children very well so I was quite specific about the age I wanted to look after. I sent three applications and unfortunately did not hear anything back from them. Anyway, my profile was full of things about me and a French family contacted me saying they’re really interested.

So yep, I am jetting off to France on Saturday to gain valuable life experience and I will get the chance to teach three children English and help them with their homework. I am really excited to do this, I am looking forward to taking care of the children and I cannot wait to travel around the area.

Keep an eye on my blog to see updates when I will be living in France  🙂

New chapter, new beginnings

Yesterday I was told that my department was closing, that the Marketing Department would no longer be running, that I would not have a job. Oh well that’s flipping brilliant isn’t it? Nope. Not at all. I was sat there in shock as I did not even make it to the ‘yay for being here for 6 months’ moment. No banners for me.

How do I feel?

There are no words, I am angry, disappointed, frustrated and feel extremely let down by the company. We worked our arses off to do what we had done, we redesigned the website after intensive research, re-worked and re-wrote the website content, wrote content for a brochure TWICE and well it has all gone to waste. Just used and abused, thrown in the trash like we didn’t do anything for the company. Crazy.

So what happens now? 

Now I look for new opportunities, now I take the experience I have gained from being a Content Writer and use it within the next career path. There is not a set career path just yet but whatever I decide, I will work just as hard and carry on gaining skills. This gives me chance to become a much stronger person and continue writing with a smile on my face.

Here’s to a new chapter and holding my head up high!!


Writing Magazine

Today I was walking around Sainsbury’s and came across the magazine aisle, there is only one magazine I normally buy which is Fit and Well. Anyway, I was actually looking for a social media / blogging magazine but the selection was a little limited however, I managed to find a little gem called Writing Magazine. After a quick browse, I thought wow this is definitely something that’ll enable me to improve my writing skills and to actually get back into it.

So far, so good. I haven’t read it in detail yet but I am really looking forward to getting into it and reviewing it afterwards.