Avon’s Foot Restoring Soak with Epsom Salts

I suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome which means my legs feel irritated and they can’t stop themselves from twitching. I have never been sure why it happens but I’ve noticed it’s usually when I’m tired or if my legs are too hot.

From flicking through the Avon brochure I came across a Foot Restoring Soak with Epsom Salts and decided to order it for £2.50. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product as I’m usually a bit skeptical about things I haven’t used before but last night I decided to give it a whirl.

My legs thought they were doing a marathon last night, I couldn’t stop them from twitching so I decided to have a bath – I hate having baths. Using Avon’s White Lily Bubble Bath and the Foot Restoring Soak with Espom Salts, I felt like I was bathing in a dream. The epsom salts smell incredible, they smell like tea tree products and are very relaxing. You only need to apply a small amount to your bath to feel the results.

I haven’t used epsom salts before so I don’t have any previous experience with how they work but the results from these were great. After about 20 minutes I stepped out of the bath feeling like a different person. My legs felt a lot better and the pain had subsided.

Overall I would give this product five stars because it took away the pain and the twitching and I was able to sleep throughout the night. Have you ever used epsom salts before?


Is doing too much damaging my body?

My life is up and down at the moment because of my health. One day I’m fine and the next my joints feel like they might snap or my mind thinks I haven’t slept for days. It definitely is a weird one and I never know how to describe it when someone asks but my problem is I have taken too much on and it’s making me ill.

What do I do each week?

As I’ve mentioned before I am in a theatre group on a Monday evening, I work Monday to Friday 08:30 – 5pm, I’m learning to play the ukulele, I also work for Avon and have many customers across my town, I’ve joined the gym this week (been twice so far) and finally I have to squeeze Michael (boyfriend) into my ridiculous schedule. I rarely have time to see my friends because I dedicate my time elsewhere and never think of myself.

Being bored is a huge thing I try to avoid. I am not one for staying it, it absolutely infuriates me because it’s such a waste of life however how much is too much? Well at the moment I certainly think it’s too much and I’m disappointed with myself that I’ve sacked off reading books and blogging. It’s kind of like you forget what is important to you but going to theatre and the gym makes me forget about the stress at work. These are my places to zone out and be free.

What’s happened?

I am just an idiot that doesn’t plan days very well but I used to be extremely good with this but since working full-time I feel like I’ve flopped on everything. Blogging and reading was always my number one thing when I was working part-time (plus Michael) and I was so excited to keep doing it. Ideas would pop into my head and I would interact more with the blogging community but I just don’t anymore.

My friends haven’t seen me in weeks because I just don’t have the time or if I have a night free, I just want to be alone. My next trip away is next weekend in Wales with the besties so that’ll give me a chance to chill out and rethink what’s right for me.

Do you take to much on? How do you deal with it?

Taking up a new hobby

I already snow myself under with absolutely everything. My blog is a hobby, I am in a theatre group on Monday’s, I read a lot, I Netflix most of the time, I do Avon after work and now I am considering taking up the ukulele. It is rather random but I am currently following one on Shpock and it looks so cute and I need it in my life.

Although I am so predictable. I joined the National Trust so I can go out and explore more and I have used it once since April – what an idiot. I know if I buy this I will attempt to play it probably for the first week and then it’ll gather dust. I am beyond predictable but I absolutely adore music. Do I buy it and just risk it?! To be honest I should just put a schedule together and then I might actually stick to something in my life.

One thing that is preventing me from snapping up the deal is my concerns about my joint hypermobility. My fingers are easily affected by over usage hence why I have always avoided the guitar. I don’t really fancy making it worse as it is coming up to winter and I will be crying like a baby.

I would love some feedback on your experiences with a ukulele please (if you have any). Do you enjoy playing it? When did you start playing it? Have you ever thought about playing it?

The best black mineral face mask

I have tried endless face masks to help keep my skin looking normal but I have sensitive skin and don’t seem to get on well with skin products. There are many of these skin / beauty companies like Juice Plus, Forever Living, Nuskin etc and I’m always skeptical using them – why? Well for me, it is because we don’t see them on the market, everything is always ‘inbox you’ or ‘messaged you’ when you enquire about the product and the sellers never post their own pictures.

I came across Avon’s Clearskin Black Mineral Mask whilst flicking through the brochure and thought, yep I’ll give this one a go for £2.25. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to skin care. It doesn’t burn my skin, it smells fine and you can feel it working on your face.

When washing it off, my face feels like silk! I make the most of this everytime I use it because it’s normally oily. I often have orders for this product and it always gets rated highly so I’m happy enough to write a little post about it!

It seems like it’s got magic inside the liquid because you can see the pores on your face once dried. It is a jaw dropper believe me but well worth the investment. I just want to apologise for the picture below. I wanted to show my customers how it works and well I clearly can’t apply it well but look at those pores!!

As Vine would say ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!’


My goals for 2017

This year has been pretty crazy for me as a lot has happened with my career and where I was living. Most will know I quit one job to become a Content Writer and then I was made redundant as a Content Writer to then jetting off to France for six weeks to work as an au pair. Yep, I am a little explorer and I have got to say whilst I was away from the UK and work it was the most incredible experience and to be honest I would go again.

I will admit that since I have come back to the UK my mood has been quite low because I am not progressing with things. I am lucky in a sense to be working as a Temporary Christmas Sales Assistant as it is a source of income but unfortunately it isn’t a lot.

So what will I be changing?

This list is one I need to look back on in a years time and see what changes I made and how far I came. It is so strange that the next year of my life is completely unpredictable and it is quite exciting.

  • Get a job in what I want to do (media, social media or marketing)
  • Continue to grow my Avon and making it a success
  • Go on holiday with Michael
  • Buy a new car
  • Read more books
  • Lose weight (I say this every flipping month)
  • I want to concentrate on my blog more and make it bigger and better!
  • Visit more places at the weekends

I do think these goals are achievable and I will work extremely hard to get there. I can’t let my current situation ruin my self-esteem and mood.

What are your 2017 goals?

How to fall asleep without taking tablets

Are you tired and tired of taking pills to help you sleep? Well I have been struggling to sleep for a while now, I’m tired during the day but then when I get into bed I feel like I could stay awake for another hour or two. It starts to take its toll on you, bags are getting darker under my eyes, mood swings and finally, my energy is completely sucked from my body. Yep, if you’ve ticked all of those boxes like me then I may have something that could help you – read on.


So since joining Avon I have been able to experiment with various products that they sell. I came across the ‘Pillow Sleep Mist’ with the free Avon products I received and now I can’t be without it!

How does it work?

Well I spray it 3-4 times on either side of my pillow and the lavender scent instantly relaxes your mind. For me I have been able to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of using this rather than an hour later. It has 5 star ratings on the Avon website and I am yet to review it because I have slept all the way through the night. I wake up feeling refreshed and so pleased that I wasn’t disturbed.

If you would like to purchase this, please visit: http://www.avon.uk.com/store/SJSMITH-Shop and type in ‘sleep mist’ in the search bar.

First week as an Avon Rep

I have to say my first week as an Avon Representative has gone exceptionally well. My friends have been extremely supportive and have placed such large orders which has helped me reach over the HOV target. Thank you to you all!

Today was a little disheartening because every Avon brochure I picked up from a house, not one person ordered. I know it happens but it was just a little meh. Hopefully when I drop off more brochures to other houses I might receive an order even if it is £2.

I am really looking forward to kicking ass with this new venture and I have even gotten myself some stickers printed for my order forms. I got a little excited because I love stationery eeek.

If you would like to order from myself you can use my online shop and it will be delivered to your house either for free (a 4 mile radius from me) or to your house for a small charge. It’d be lovely if you could like my Facebook page!

My online shop: https://www.avon.uk.com/store/SJSMITH-shop

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AvonBySJSMITH