Why should I cycle to work?

For the last two weeks I have been inspired by my brother as he has taken up cycling again. I have enjoyed cycling in the past but it’s never been something I want to splash out on until last week. For some strange reason I popped onto the Halfords website and started looking at bikes and ended up falling in love with a white Victoria Pendleton bike next thing you know, its paid and on its way to me.

I wasn’t able to build it until Saturday and decided to go out for a short bike ride around Swadlincote. This bike is unbelievably comfortable as the seat is fairly padded and the handle bars are also padded. It is about time bikes are more up to date with comfort as my last one used to bruise my hands and hurt my bum. As some of you know I am asthmatic and occasionally struggle whilst doing exercise so it was a relief to know I only needed to take two puffs. Pretty impressive for an unfit bird. Using Map My Ride it said I’d completed 4.5 miles which I applauded myself for, a small triumph but a great one at that.


This is my new bestie

One of the embarrassing things that I do not admit is I live approximately 1.9 miles away from work and I drive. Why do I drive? We all know it is because it’s inconvenient but not anymore, I’m killing the environment, I need to get my steps up and get fit and it’s just ridiculously lazy.

I am quite looking forward to this change and I will be cycling to work at least three days a week. By doing this I am hoping to improve my asthma tolerance and to lose inches off my body – I think it’ll get my thighs which is a bonus. Let’s see if the change will be a positive one both for me and for the environment.

Thoughts on Darceys Candles

I am always a bit unsure of these new products that reps sell online because there are never really any real reviews and I don’t like that. However, I believe that Darceys Candles are a product that are worth a try. My friend has recently become a rep for them and I decided to flick through her brochure and see what Darceys have to offer.

Their range is quite extensive and you certainly stop and look at every single page in the brochure. What makes Darceys stand out is their selection of scents. As I said previously there are scents that you would probably want to eat. Without naming all of them here are two examples: Rhubarb and Custard or Drumstick Lollipops, every sweet tooths favourite.

I decided to try the Relaxation Candle as I often struggle with stress and wanted to try different ways of reducing that. I hadn’t come across a sample of this one before so I was like you, I didn’t know what to expect. The scent is not over powering but it is one I could have lit all of the time. It’s a soft smell and doesn’t trigger my asthma. By inhaling and exhaling with the candle lit, I could feel myself feeling calmer. I doubt that is solely from the candle but I felt relaxed.

The Relaxation Candle is made from soy wax which means it has the capability to last much longer than other candles. So far I have been very impressed with the candle and would like to try more from the range.


I do believe Darceys Candles are a little expensive and I haven’t ordered any other products from them so I can’t comment on those. This is a downfall for me because £9 for a small jam jar size candle is a little too much. I guess it depends on how much you like candles! However, I do want to try some more so we’ll have to see what they have to offer.

The dangers of Asthma

I have had Asthma for aslong as I can remember, I was diagnosed as a child with it and didn’t fully understand the seriousness of the condition. I struggled through school with my Asthma and often hated doing P.E as I was scared something would happen to me.

It is important to go to the doctors with any symptoms you may have. I recently went to a walk in centre due to pains in my chest and needing my inhaler, I thought it was Asthma related because it was uncomfortable to breath. After an examination it was a sprained rib muscle but I felt so silly for going and wasting the doctors time. They told me not to be silly, Asthma is serious and if something is different then get it checked out!

Having  Asthma can be a full-time job in itself. You have to take medication everyday, you have to be careful with what you eat or drink and what activities you do. For me my Asthma is fairly mild but previously I have been in hospital due to a big Asthma attack – one of the scariest moments in my life.

I am not sure if people take  Asthma seriously but knowing that an attack could kill me absolutely horrifies me. Smoking is something I cannot stand and something I will never take up. My opinions are quite strong on this subject but when I’m left on my own and have no choice but to go into the smoking area, it is not fun for me. I can be fine there and then but the next morning I am coughing, my chest hurts and I need my inhaler more than usual. It is difficult to make people understand that smoking and Asthma do not gel and I am not being dramatic when I say I don’t want to go with you.

There are two reasons I do not go out for Bonfire Night, the first one being I hate fireworks, they are too loud for me and hurt my ears! The second is the smoke in the air from the fire and fireworks. Smoke fills the air and you breathe in and there it is, a wheezy chest. I commented the other day without sounding like a mardy moo with how I was struggling with my breathing from just stepping outside for 30 seconds. Bonfire Fire night doesn’t just affect pets, it also affects humans.

Now it is winter, I am really struggling in the mornings to breathe as my room is extremely stuffy because of my radiator being on. I love winter but it really affects my chest and I avoid doing big activities during the season – so I’m not being lazy by the way before you pre-judge.

Just a note, please be aware of those that do have Asthma and take into consideration that anything can trigger breathing difficulties. It may seem daft but me having orange squash a little too strong makes my chest wheeze. Anything can happen so be careful!

For more information about triggers and how to deal with Asthma, please use this link to be directed to the official Asthma website:


Race for Life 2016

Today was the day, today we had to tackle 10k at Markeaton Park in Derby and wow it was hard. The turnout, the weather and atmosphere was great, it was definitely a day to remember. If you are considering doing Race for Life, do it without hesitation and even get a big group of friends together, you’ll love it.

I did the race with my friend Rachel, we took part 6 years ago and only did 5k back then. I’ve got to say, this year it was really difficult and it felt like it was never going to end however I am really happy I did it.

We started off running and then my asthma decided it wanted to say hello, the joys of being asthmatic. My joints were causing me havoc as well, I honestly thought my legs were going to give in as my hips were in absolute agony. Again, worth the pain.

I thought it was brilliant the way Tom from Capital FM kept everyone going with his spirit and cheering people on as they were coming up to the finish line. He gave us the final push we needed so thanks Tom!

Oh also, thank you to the volunteers at the event today handing out water and those pain au chocolats, they were incredible to eat after using up all of my sugar energy.

It was a fantastic day and I am really looking forward to taking on bigger challenges. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me and supported me through this. The whole day and fundraising has been a huge success.