I have taken a break from blogging

I have had to take a small break from blogging because I have some personal things going on at the moment. Unfortunately the doctors have found something unusual and I need to undergo further tests to see what it is. As much as I love to blog, my health comes first and that’s what I am focusing on at the moment.

I’ll be back as soon as I can but I know you’ll all respect my decision. Thank you x

Why I have decided to stop drinking alcohol

I have never really been a weekly drinker, a part from when I turned 18 as that was an experience in itself – just get it out of your system. Most of us love to have a drink now and again and who doesn’t love a cocktail evening with friends?

Writing a post like this may put people off wanting to work with me or write guest posts for me but my blog is about being honest to myself and hiding nothing because I am human. If you are wanting to know why I have quit drinking alcohol I guess you should keep reading…

On December 30th I went out with some friends to our local Hungry Horse pub. I ate food like Sensible Sam would do on any occasion and cracked open a bottle of wine called Sam’s Island. Yes Sam’s Island is a wine and I was over the moon one was named after me! First bottle, absolutely fine, I felt normal, I remember drinking it and remember everything we did. J’ai fini.

Now I ended up getting myself into the danger zone by buying a second bottle of Sam’s Island. It went okay until the second half of the bottle – what happened? I don’t know what happened. This is where I have absolutely terrified myself because anything could have happened to me and I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was true or not. I could have been hit by a car and I would only know from injuries not by memories.

I woke up on New Years Eve still drunk and I had slept for hours, what an embarrassment. I had no idea how I got home, I had no idea what time I got in or where we ended up after the pub. This really put things into perspective and I had the worst hangover. I had the shakes, a temperature, I couldn’t walk properly. It just didn’t seem to feel like anything I have ever experienced before.

Since December 31st I have not had a drop of alcohol and although when everyone else is drunk around you and you’re sober you kind of get left out, I don’t care, I am safe. I told myself I will not have any alcohol until January 1st 2019 but at this rate, I have no interest in drinking.

People have said I’m mad but I’m not, I’m sticking to my guns and stopping myself from getting in that mess ever again. Some have asked if I was spiked but I don’t know and it is sad if that did happen to me but right now I’m happy with the way I am.

Me with Sam's Island wine


Top 15 things I have never done

So I thought I would write something a little different this time by actually talking about my self and things that I haven’t done. When you read through this list you might be as shocked as me that I’ve not done half the things everyone else has done. I would also be very interested in your I have nevers.

I have never:

  • Been on a sunbed
  • Had my hair dyed in a salon
  • Had false nails
  • Travelled to America
  • Held a snake or been near one
  • Known how to put make-up on correctly
  • Ordered a steak at a restaurant / pub / anywhere
  • Had the flu
  • Killed an animal whilst driving (although I nearly did today)
  • Had any driving incidences (cursed myself probably)
  • Visited Ireland
  • Been stung by a bee / wasp
  • Decorated any room
  • Taken any illegal drugs
  • Been arrested or in trouble with the police

I think my list is quite generic but some people are often shocked that I haven’t ever ordered a steak before.

Please let me know what your top 15 things are. I know I definitely have more but the list would go on and on!

Accepting the Unexpected by Mollie Jo Joseph

As the title says, you really don’t know what will happen in this book. I hadn’t heard of Mollie Jo Joseph before but I came across her Instagram post looking for reviewers so I introduced myself to this author. Mollie was kind enough to send me the PDF version of Accepting the Unexpected for free in exchange for an honest review.

Leila is really interesting character and we’re taken on such an emotional rollercoaster with her. The story has been developed really well because it doesn’t have loop holes. Some stories you read you are looking for where they got that information from or is that made up?!

Leila decides to pack her bags and leave Cornwall for the ‘Big Apple’ but is this the right decision? What made me like this book is how Mollie Jo has really researched about the areas discussed within the book, I was able to imagine the main park and New York and I’ve never been there before.

I would say this is a personal development story. When Leila moves to NYC, we as the reader encourage her to tackle the bumps in the road and she eventually finds herself and what she wants. By the way, I love that there’s a dog in this story and he’s a main part!!

It was nice to see what goes on behind the scenes of Sleek magazine, the photoshoots, the description of the characters and how difficult it is in that sort of business. I always envisioned one day of working for a magazine so this is an eye opener.

If you’re after a little raunchiness then this book is certainly for you. There are a few interesting boy characters within this story and I don’t want to give it away by saying who’s the bag egg. I finished the book within a few days because I needed to know what was going to happen. It is a short read but one I highly recommend.

Thoughts on Darceys Candles

I am always a bit unsure of these new products that reps sell online because there are never really any real reviews and I don’t like that. However, I believe that Darceys Candles are a product that are worth a try. My friend has recently become a rep for them and I decided to flick through her brochure and see what Darceys have to offer.

Their range is quite extensive and you certainly stop and look at every single page in the brochure. What makes Darceys stand out is their selection of scents. As I said previously there are scents that you would probably want to eat. Without naming all of them here are two examples: Rhubarb and Custard or Drumstick Lollipops, every sweet tooths favourite.

I decided to try the Relaxation Candle as I often struggle with stress and wanted to try different ways of reducing that. I hadn’t come across a sample of this one before so I was like you, I didn’t know what to expect. The scent is not over powering but it is one I could have lit all of the time. It’s a soft smell and doesn’t trigger my asthma. By inhaling and exhaling with the candle lit, I could feel myself feeling calmer. I doubt that is solely from the candle but I felt relaxed.

The Relaxation Candle is made from soy wax which means it has the capability to last much longer than other candles. So far I have been very impressed with the candle and would like to try more from the range.


I do believe Darceys Candles are a little expensive and I haven’t ordered any other products from them so I can’t comment on those. This is a downfall for me because £9 for a small jam jar size candle is a little too much. I guess it depends on how much you like candles! However, I do want to try some more so we’ll have to see what they have to offer.

How does it feel turning 25?

So my 25th birthday was approaching and it was the day I was dreading. The day when you can no longer tick 18-24 boxes, you’re in your mid twenties and what you’re 25 and still live at home? Happy 2nd February for me! It is daunting because I always said I would probably have children by the time I was 25 – oh how I laugh at myself now. That’s not going to happen any time soon as I feel like I still have so much to do in my life before I can no longer be selfish. When I say selfish, I mean an adult.

There are quite a few negatives to being 25 (mainly the tick boxes issue) but let’s look at the positives.

I have always wanted afternoon tea because it is more sophisticated and ‘grown up’ so that’s what I decided to do. I absolutely loved afternoon tea at the Lakeside Bistro and it was only £13.95 each! It was nice to do something completely different and the food tasted great minus the egg sandwiches. It was a shame the table was set out in a line because it made it quite difficult speaking to people. So apologies if I didn’t get to speak to you that much!

What are the bonuses of being 25?

  • I’m no longer classed as a young driver so my insurance should hopefully drop for the summer!
  • People take you more seriously, you’ve got a few years of experience behind you so you can tackle things.
  • Your friends are starting to get married – weddings galore yay!
  • It is okay to stay in and watch Netflix because you can’t handle it like you used to.

I am struggling to think of more so if you’ve turned 25 what have been your highlights?

Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams

Letters to Eloise is a heart-wrenching story that is extremely well written and had an unexpected ending. The style of the book was unusual as I’ve never read a book that’s written as a diary/letter entry before. I thought it was a nice touch to be honest and makes you as a reader connect with the book more.

I don’t know where to start with how much I enjoyed this book because I think it has such high potential with character development. Flora is a great character and you seem to be willing to learn more and more about her with every page turn.

The back story between River and Flora made me envy their relationship in a way but they are also extremely normal. We all have our fallings out with one another but River didn’t give up, he believed in what they both had. Tate however really grated on me. He was written exactly how he needed to be so you grow mixed emotions towards him. For me, he was as horrible and I disliked his character more than I do cheese and onion crisps.

It was important to have various main characters in this book especially because Emily writes about real situations during pregnancy. Everyone needs a friend like Brooke and what happens between them might be expected to happen between two friends in the real world.

There were some parts which I thought could have maybe been shortened but it didn’t make me dislike the book in any way. I think I struggled the most with trying to understand Flora and Tate’s relationship and what Tate was trying to get out of it – especially with the skiing part.

I have always said in my book reviews that I hate giving spoilers away so I tend not to speak about the book too much but this is a must read. I was finishing the book on the train and as soon as I read what I did I put my hand over my mouth. Please make sure you read this all the way through as you will not be disappointed.

*Emily Williams gave me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.