Back in the UK

On Wednesday I arrived back in the UK and it is nice to be back yet the weather is horrible over here due to the high levels of humidity. Yuk. Since being back, things have hit me a little and I feel like I will be stuck once again. Obviously money is a big worry for me because whilst I am in France I am only earning 70€ a week which covers my flights. I love what I am doing and I want to stay longer but it is expensive to fly over there plus I have things to pay for. Car, car insurance, MOT, road tax – ew.

Should I be worrying? At 23 I should not be stressing over money or what my future holds for me but I never know what I am doing. I feel that maybe I will have to sell lots of my belongings at a car boot sale, that’d really help as I am Queen of Clutter!!

What would you all do? Not care about what happens next and just enjoy yourself or stop being adventurous and get shit done…sorry get a job? By the way, I LOVE FRANCE.


Wandering through Mulhouse, France

Today I had the day off so I needed to find something to do. I was given a tour of Mulhouse on Monday so I thought I would give that a try.

The day did not start off so great, I managed to get myself to the train station okay but could not figure out how to use the ticket machine so after 25 minutes I gave up and walked home. A member of the Au Pair family came home and I spoke to her about what had happened and she took me to the train station to show me what to do. Then off to Mulhouse I went.

Firstly, a casual stroll around the centre, it was so busy and full of life. It is not as fascinating as other places but it was still an enjoyable afternoon. After wandering the streets and some of the shops, I came across a Subway (naughty but I missed junk food so I caved in and ate one) – by the way, a member of staff speaks very good English which really helped so hint hint, go there.

The museums I wanted to visit were actually closed today which sucked but the train to Mulhouse is only a 10 minute journey so it is not a problem to go again. By one of the shopping centres you will find a Tourist Information shop and yes they speak English in there. If you are not familiar with the area, definitely visit there because they can give you a tour guide brochure to make things a little easier – in English.

From having a quick look at the tour guide I was given, I saw a museum which was open today. Now normally textiles would not interest me, I mean the pretty patterns are great but have I ever paid attention to how cloths are made? No. Well today that certainly changed. I ended up in the Musee de l’Impression sur Etoffes de Mulhouse (costs 9 euros) and yes I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of the pictures I have included below are part of the exhibition which I should not really spoil but it was a great display. Désolé.

Now after reading through everything (those bits that were in English) I saw a room that looked unoccupied so I just had to have a nosey. That was a good thing, it turns out I had walked into a really historic room with a captivating story.

The exhibition you will see below is of a young girl called Marie-Emilie Ebstein, also known as Lily (1920 – 1943). Her story is heart breaking and I do not want to give much away but without the help of her family, this work featured below would not exist. Lily was from Mulhouse and the museum are extremely delighted to be able to showcase her work.

If you are ever visiting Mulhouse, please do take an hour out of your day to visit this wonderful museum. Reading how the women fought for equality and began in the Textile industry was quite interesting, it is very inspiring. Go for the dreams you believe in and do not let anyone stop you.

French adventures

So yesterday I flew on my on my own to Switzerland (views are beautiful over head), I was nervous because I have only ever been with friends when flying. Good news, after a lift to the train station, catching three trains and a plane to Basel, I made it! YAY.

My Au Pair family were waiting for me at the airport and I felt completely fine. They are so lovely, the children are really sweet and I like it here. We were driving through the village yesterday and it is so peaceful, it is the perfect place for a getaway.

Last night we had salad and a small barbecue, cooked to perfection of course! Everyone has been so welcoming towards me and I am looking forward to what we all get up to until 11th September. Then we shall see what happens after my holiday to Italy.

Oh and they have a private swimming pool, win win for me!

Au revoir.

New adventure

Exciting news for me, I am off to France until the end of October. YAAAY!

What a huge opportunity for me and I get to explore France, Switzerland and potentially Germany. You might be wondering why I’m going, well since being made redundant I have really struggled to get a job in the local area within media. So I thought, let’s see what I can do for a little bit without causing me disruption. Oh it is something new as well because I have always wanted to travel.

First thought came to me, why not be an Au Pair? Well because I am not the strongest person with children very well so I was quite specific about the age I wanted to look after. I sent three applications and unfortunately did not hear anything back from them. Anyway, my profile was full of things about me and a French family contacted me saying they’re really interested.

So yep, I am jetting off to France on Saturday to gain valuable life experience and I will get the chance to teach three children English and help them with their homework. I am really excited to do this, I am looking forward to taking care of the children and I cannot wait to travel around the area.

Keep an eye on my blog to see updates when I will be living in France  🙂

Weekend away in Llandudno

Today I came back from a lovely weekend in North Wales. A number of years ago we visited the Snowdonia area but this time we were on the sea front in Llandudno. Wow. What a beautiful little town, there is so much to do, people everywhere and they are so friendly!

We arrived late Friday afternoon (parking is an absolute nightmare so beware of that) and managed to find the hotel fairly easy. We were greeted at the Hen-Dy Hotel by Fred and Marie, who by the way are the most incredible hosts, by far the best I have ever come across. They both carried our suitcases up the stairs, typical that I picked the top room but nevermind!

If you are looking at visiting Llandudno, I highly recommend visiting Fish Tram Chips which is located near the Tram Station. Fish, chips and mushy peas are not for me but they cater for fussy eaters like myself. A chicken burger and a strawberry ice cream milkshake will do me just fine. Honestly, it is worth visiting, waiting for a table and scoffing your face!

My aim is not to bore you with every single detail about the weekend but just the key points so if you decide to visit, you have ideas on where to go.

On the Saturday we decided to visit Conwy Castle in Conwy. If you are staying in Llandudno, there are plenty of buses (Llew Jones and Arriva) in the town rather than paying a whopping £9 for the tour buses. For the 5 mile journey to Conwy, we paid £3.75 each for a return from Llandudno to Conwy with Llew Jones – much better.

Would I recommend Conwy Castle?

The answer is yes. Do not expect this castle to fill the whole day though because it will not. Driving into Conwy is not recommend, it is a one way system with lots of people and lots of cars with limited parking. Oh, if you want an ice cream make sure you keep your eyes on it because there are seagulls everywhere…scary things.

The last day, the day nobody wants to appear as the weekend has flown by and things you wanted to do, you have not had chance to do. It is worth visiting the Great Orme in Llandudno for the beautiful landscapes that you cannot see low on the ground. There is an option to get the tram (£7) to the top or drive through the Toll Road (£3), we chose the Toll Road. Once you reach the top, there is a café, a Victorian photo shoot, crazy golf and a gift shop. Perfect atmosphere for dog walkers and people who enjoy long hilly walks.


Finally, I love Llandudno, I want to go again and I will be going again. I will most likely stay at the Hen-Dy Hotel again as they are having a refurbishment in January so it will be nice to see what they have done with the place. They also source local meat for breakfast which tastes scrumptious. I could not praise the hotel enough, it was bloody brilliant!


I’m back

I have been away in Portugal for a week and decided to take some time out from using my Mac unless it was absolutely necessary. The holiday was brilliant, I even tried blue shark for the first time. It was a little odd to eat as I knew what it was but it did taste good! Albuferia is one lively place, we were approached by many people, the music was great, the atmosphere was constant, especially at night.

The only downside to my holiday was it being Half Board which meant I got a little greedy with food. As some of you will know I have been a bit of a health freak as I am desperate to lose 3 stone. I lost 8/9lbs before I went and put on 4lbs after my holiday so this week I’m back on track. I have been using Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz, yes it is a killer but you do get great results. My fitness has improved so much however now I am not so sure as I have had two weeks off but we shall see!

I really need to keep My Fitness Pal up to date as well but today is the beginning and I am excited to see the results. I might post a few bits on here as it is something I really want to do.