An evening with

I was lucky enough to be invited to my first ever brand event in Nottingham by Prezzybox. When I received the email to say I had been chosen to attend, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was overwhelmed which may sound a little dumb but it was such a great opportunity and for someone that blogs about something completely different I didn’t ever think I’d stand out.

At first I was a bit put off by going because I have only ever tweeted those that were invited. Some of the bloggers I have previously met once before but I was still nervous about going on my own but thankfully my old lovely school friend Vanessa over at was invited as well. We decided to go together so that made us both feel better about attending. I won’t go into the journey we had to get there but I ended up taking endless wrong turnings.

We arrived at Baresca later than expected but what a great atmosphere to walk in to. We were immediately greeted by Rhiannen which was lovely and she handed us little name tags which I thought were adorable. We headed straight to the bar for our free glass of prosecco to celebrate in style.

Jingle mingle light in the box

After having a quick wander around looking at all of the gifts and the little workshops in the booths we decided to take part. I met two new bloggers at the crafting table and they were really chatty – hey Helen, hey Kirsty. Carolyn explained how to make a bow to us but unfortunately we sat down too late as the talk was just about to start. I’m sure it would have been really fun! If only I hadn’t taken the wrong turning, oopsie.


The talk between Fran and Becky had me engrossed. The whole taking blogging seriously thing is quite new to me as I used to use my blog to vent and talk about struggles in daily life. It has always been a diary to me rather than a hobby until now. The points both of them made, made me realise I am going in the right direction but there’s still a lot more I have to do. I was a little worried about asking a question but I felt a lot better once I had asked.

Last night was a real eye opener and I cannot thank the staff at Prezzybox for including me in the event. I will definitely keep my eye open for future events and now I know what they’re about, I will feel more comfortable attending.

By the way I want ALL of the gifts that were there last night. My favourite was the stormtrooper light, what was yours?



Doughnotts – Derby

I was asked if I would like to attend Doughnotts launch night on Wednesday 30th August, Sadler Gate, Derby! I had no idea what to expect – a part from doughnuts of course but I hadn’t heard of the company myself as I never venture to Nottingham. Thanks again for having me!

The front of Doughnotts in Sadler Gate, Derby

At first I felt a little awkward just walking into someone’s shop when they have no idea who I am and I have no idea who they are. This is where I let shyness take over and make me think I’ll be ignored – well I wasn’t. Megan introduced herself to me and made me feel extremely welcome, she explained what the night was about and gave me two freebie vouchers.

I wandered to the doughnut counter and immediately fell in love! Omnomnom. I had no idea which one to choose as my freebie. In the end after dribbling everywhere I decided to try the hazelnut one with chocolate in the middle – it was referred to as the Snickers doughnut. What an absolute treat that was (I want another one now). The chocolate was divine but to be honest the whole thing was incredible.

Amazingly heavenly chocolately doughnut – MUST HAVE!

I also love the inside and how simple the interior is. Personally I think it is really effective because Megan and Wade haven’t over done it, they’ve made something someone would like to sit in without feeling uncomfortable. Plus the fairy lights are really cute!


Wade came over to speak to us to thank us for popping in but the pleasure was all mine. He spoke to a group of us about the business, the staff and the doughnuts and it was good to feel a part of that as well if that makes sense? You could really see the smiles and how proud Wade is of how far they’ve come and for me that’s what a successful business is about. Don’t put yourself first, put everyone else first and you succeed and then you go back to yourself with rewards.

I’d like to thank Doughnotts for allowing me to take a few extra doughnuts home for the family. They were opened instantly because they smell so good and are very well made. The dough is really soft and the fillings are not too overpowering. Also, a winner for vegans, some of the doughnuts in store are vegan friendly. I bet you’re taking a walk down there right now. Another reason why Doughnotts stand out because they’re catering for all.

The doughnuts below are Red Velvet, Death by Chocolate (story of my life) and a simple Lemon and Jam doughnut. I had the jam doughnut and if I’m being honest it did taste really nice but I wasn’t a huge fan of the jam. However, I would eat it again and probably again and maybe many more times.


Thank you to Wade and Megan for such a lovely evening! I got to experience something new and I’m glad I know about this little store. On my next visit to Derby I will be sure to pop in and scoff my face. Good luck with the store and congratulations on selling out on your first day of opening.

The best black mineral face mask

I have tried endless face masks to help keep my skin looking normal but I have sensitive skin and don’t seem to get on well with skin products. There are many of these skin / beauty companies like Juice Plus, Forever Living, Nuskin etc and I’m always skeptical using them – why? Well for me, it is because we don’t see them on the market, everything is always ‘inbox you’ or ‘messaged you’ when you enquire about the product and the sellers never post their own pictures.

I came across Avon’s Clearskin Black Mineral Mask whilst flicking through the brochure and thought, yep I’ll give this one a go for £2.25. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to skin care. It doesn’t burn my skin, it smells fine and you can feel it working on your face.

When washing it off, my face feels like silk! I make the most of this everytime I use it because it’s normally oily. I often have orders for this product and it always gets rated highly so I’m happy enough to write a little post about it!

It seems like it’s got magic inside the liquid because you can see the pores on your face once dried. It is a jaw dropper believe me but well worth the investment. I just want to apologise for the picture below. I wanted to show my customers how it works and well I clearly can’t apply it well but look at those pores!!

As Vine would say ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!’


Why you should relax – do it!

I have recently been suffering with a very painful back, shoulders and neck due to the chair at work not giving me the support I need. However, I decided to visit my local beautician for an Indian Head Massage. I have had one of these before and I felt so much better afterwards, my head was clear, the knots in my back had gone and my mood lifted. With the impressive results last time I thought that it might help me this time and my word it really did.

What is an Indian Head Massage?

Well I can’t give you an actual definition because I don’t know the meaning. Jasmine, my beautician from Beauty at Pelo, Swadlincote only charges a bargain price of £25 for one hour and fifteen minutes of absolute heaven. Your shoulders, back and neck are lightly covered in an oil to soften the skin. There is a lot of thumb and arm work involved during the massage. Today I could feel the knots crunching and I had so many of them – no wonder I was in pain. You should have seen the smile on my face as they were being demolished! Plus, I had relaxation music on in the background so I got to completely switch off from the world, it was wonderful.

The session then moves onto your head and face. AHH I love my hair being played with, love it love it love it. This is another reason I choose to have an Indian Head Massage because your whole scalp is massaged and then she moves onto circular techniques on your face (if you suffer with migraines, give this a go).

I never want it to end, I honestly cannot say how better I feel, I have a clear mind, my back, neck and shoulders are no longer in pain and I’m in a great mood! If you have a beautician please consider this if the option is available. I just want to say a big thank you to Jasmine for being such a lovely lady, she’s really helped me today.


How to fall asleep without taking tablets

Are you tired and tired of taking pills to help you sleep? Well I have been struggling to sleep for a while now, I’m tired during the day but then when I get into bed I feel like I could stay awake for another hour or two. It starts to take its toll on you, bags are getting darker under my eyes, mood swings and finally, my energy is completely sucked from my body. Yep, if you’ve ticked all of those boxes like me then I may have something that could help you – read on.


So since joining Avon I have been able to experiment with various products that they sell. I came across the ‘Pillow Sleep Mist’ with the free Avon products I received and now I can’t be without it!

How does it work?

Well I spray it 3-4 times on either side of my pillow and the lavender scent instantly relaxes your mind. For me I have been able to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of using this rather than an hour later. It has 5 star ratings on the Avon website and I am yet to review it because I have slept all the way through the night. I wake up feeling refreshed and so pleased that I wasn’t disturbed.

If you would like to purchase this, please visit: and type in ‘sleep mist’ in the search bar.

Candy Creation Product Review

I came across Candy Creation and its owner Anna through Facebook. We ended up discussing her products and she sent me some of the loveliest little knickknacks. Opening parcels is one of my favourite things in life, exciting I know, however receiving this parcel from Anna was fantastic as she wrote messages on the front of the envelope. Just to let you know that she said I was lush!! For me, that makes the seller just that little extra caring.

I decided to choose the donut earrings because when I’m out and about, I love a good donut. What I like about these earrings the most are the bright colours and they actually look like real mini donuts. I think the toppings (candy bits) look really effective and make them stand out from your bog standard earrings. With the pale colours, they will go with absolute everything especially if you are just wearing a black outfit. For an even more realistic look, the icing isn’t equal which is why these are my favourite product from Candy Creation.



Keyrings. My worst nightmare because I collect them and I think they are so darn cute. Again it is a donut and its a chocolate one – perfection. The keyring itself is not too big so it will not get in the way or be too heavy for your keys. Its design features a chocolate donut and a cola bottle making it very appealing for those with a sweet tooth as the items look tasty! They are really well made and do not contain any sharp edges.



Now for me personally, I am not one for wearing rings because I find them uncomfortable and think my hands look ridiculous with them on. This little cookie makes people stare but in a good way. It looks very real once it’s on and I like the chocolate chip bits, it makes me want to eat the ring. The ring itself is a perfect fit and is not heavy to wear. With its silver band, it goes perfectly well with the cookie and can make any outfit look yummy!



I would like to say that these products from Candy Creation have given me a great experience and I look forward to ordering in the future. If you are looking for something a little different and like to stand out from the crowd then buy one of these wonderful little products. Anna is available through her Facebook page to discuss orders, enquiries and custom requests. Also, I would like to add that Anna’s postage skills are brilliant and you will receive an extremely quick delivery.


I was given these products by Anna to review them in a non-biased way.

Personalised frames – Framing Beads

I first came across Framing Beads in 2014 through Facebook and ever since we have become really good friends. This business is the only place I order personalised frames from due to the quality of work and the questions I am asked to make sure the order is right.

Every piece made by Framing Beads is unique in its own little way. The designs are not copied from other crafters but are thought out and designed so you receive the perfect frame. You are talked through the design and crafting process and shown pictures before the frame and its accessories are glued down.

DSC00226 copy.jpg

Petite Treasures Collection

This is one of my favourite frames that I have ordered for myself because it really makes my graduation photo stand out due to the colour contrast. I asked Framing Beads if it was possible to create a graduation frame for me and I had no ideas in my head for the frame. Below is the outcome and I am very impressed. It is a simple design but it says everything it needs to say, I graduated, the date it happened and the celebration of the day by using bunting across the top.

Celebrate Collection

If you are looking for a personalised frame for any occasion and want quality, a quick turn over and a surprise for a friend then Framing Beads is your company. I have ordered at least 10 frames over time for friends and myself. Members of my family, a few friends have also used Framing Beads and have been extremely pleased with the end product, as have I.