My Fair Lady Musical

This musical has always been on my ‘to see’ list as well as my dad’s. We love the film, we have the songs on in the evening sometimes and end up thinking we’re cockney’s! Once I saw this was on in Nottingham I booked it straight away.

I have never been to the Nottingham Theatre Royal before so I was quite excited to explore a new venue. Once we were seated we were instantly taken aback by the greens and golds and the architecture was breathtaking. The atmosphere was great and the production hadn’t even started yet. By this point I was ready for it to start.


The beginning was a slow start for me. I think it’s important to set the scene but I felt it went on a little too long and I wasn’t sure when it was going to begin. Whilst everyone was on stage I couldn’t help but notice the costume detail. I was really impressed with how accurate the period clothing was – some of it even looked handmade. Now I’m not saying productions don’t get it right but it seemed like the whole musical had a huge budget (like films) and they spent it well.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Nottingham Operatic Society but I was blown away. Vocals, the orchestra, the set and the cast were incredible. It is the smallest production company performance I have ever seen but it is by far one of the best I have seen. I was sat there wishing I was allowed to go on stage and perform with them, it looked like a lot of fun.

Mr Higgins for me stood out the most. The character was portrayed so well and he was very believable – what a fantastic actor and singer. You could really relate back to the original actor Rex Harrison and envision him on stage from this actors performance. To be honest it’s hard to single out the cast members because every single person put their all into their performance.

The southern accents were great. I couldn’t stop giggling at Eliza Doolittle’s little noises and her wining, it was brilliant. At certain points you sympathise with Eliza and other times you’re laughing at how she pronounces ‘how do you dooo’.

If this production comes to Nottingham again please go and see it because you will not be disappointed.



Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon Book Review

I have previously read Bryony Gordon’s ‘The Wrong Knickers’ and thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I’d give Mad Girl a go. At first you don’t really know what to expect from a book about the author but Bryony Gordon nailed it!


From personal experience I am not really familiar with mental health problems or eating disorders so I thought it could be quite difficult to read and understand. However I didn’t find it difficult to read, I was hooked. I needed to know more and I wanted to know how Bryony dealt with it all.

It was completely honest which made you want to read more. Unless you have suffered from mental health problems or an eating disorder I don’t think you fully understand why people think the things they do. A part in Bryony’s book frustrated me because I thought why on earth are you even thinking that? Arrogant I know but I just couldn’t get to grips with it. That’s why it is hard to understand but you want to learn how to understand.

Despite all of the awful things Bryony has been subjected to especially the OCD taking over I want to say thank you. Thanks for opening my eyes to things I wouldn’t think people would face. It was dark in places as I can’t stand drugs but Bryony is a very interesting character! I am looking forward to the next book that comes along.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

I was so excited when I opened this on Christmas Day. I’d been walking past it in the shops for weeks but never picked it up to buy and then my parents saved my pennies and got it for me instead as a gift!

Yes it has taken me a while to read but what’s the rush? I never saw any spoilers so I decided to take it camping with me the other weekend. I’ve got to say I was hooked as soon as I started reading it. Although I’m not a fan of the characters names, I mean who on earth would call their child Scorpious?!

You are introduced into the end scene from the final film. I just visualised the film scene and I was laughing at how ridiculous the characters looked for the age they were trying to portray.

I didn’t really know what to expect with this book as it is a screenplay but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was able to visualise the scenes but this may be because I have watched all of the films a thousand times.

The old characters do not seem any different to how they are in the books / films which I liked. The new characters fit in quite well with the old ones. I thought I would struggle to like the newbies because I’m not one for change within a series but this worked well.

There were certain parts I found odd for example, the link back to Cedric Diggory – very strange to choose that character to focus on. I love how we’re tricked into liking Delphi though, you do grow to like her and then you hate her but want to know more about her. That’s great character development in my opinion.

I started to get bored after page 240 because nothing was happening, it didn’t have my attention but I continued reading. I was advised it might be a disappointing read so I carried on and there it hit, the weird climax. For me, the dark storyline is terrible. It is so farfetched and unrealistic – Voldermort is a floaty character, he can’t do what Delphi is claiming he did.

Despite the crappy ending, I would recommend this book to those that are Harry Potter fans. I did read it in a few days which means it must be okay right? I did like the book as I mentioned above but I’m not 100 per cent on it. Just some things didn’t add up and I feel like I’ve been lied to and cheated on.

Let me know your thoughts on this?!

Mamma Mia – Novello Theatre

Since watching the film 10 times or more I have wanted to see this musical for the last three years but never had the opportunity. I was in London at the end of June so I thought I would spend one of my days doing my favourite thing by watching a musical. It was hard to choose which one to see because when you visit London (maybe twice a year for me) you have to pick wisely.


To be honest when I was looking I didn’t like the idea of going to a musical on my own but I did it anyway. I felt a little stupid but who cares I got to see something I’ve always wanted to see.

I was sat in the stalls at the back and had a great view despite it being partially restricted. As soon as the first song began I was hooked because Georgina Castle’s voice is incredible, she’s extremely talented! I felt in my element. I knew majority of the words to the songs and I wanted to be up there on the stage with them all.

My first thought was how on earth are they going to do the scenery?! Will it be too much? Will it look cluttered because replicating the scenes from the film must be pretty tough? Well guess what, they pulled it off! The stage props were perfect, I love the way they’ve made the Greek inspired walls.

I don’t think I have one bad comment to say about the musical. Everything about it was great. It had the right amount of cheese, great spells of laughter, fantastic vocals and the cast can sure bust some moves. I don’t want to forget the musicians, they are also extremely talented and it is a shame we don’t get to see them but hats off to them for their performance too!

My favourite part was all thanks to Tanya and Pepper – oh my they are hilarious together! They really did add that little extra to the show. I also have to compliment Rosie, she’s a cracking character too.

You must go and see this musical if you’re out and about in London. It is at the Novello Theatre with Mammia Mia on the outside so you can’t miss it! You will leave with a smile on your face and the songs will stick in your head for the next few days. I will admit that since I have been writing this I have sung non-stop ABBA songs – oopsie.

We can go dancing, we can go walking….

One Perfect Summer Book Review

Ah now where to start with this book, well obviously the beginning but I just want to say I highly recommend and you’ve not even read what it’s about yet!


For me I thought it was a little slow at the start and did take me a bit of time to get into but I am pleased I carried on because I didn’t regret it. I originally thought oh no here is another girl I’m going to get annoyed it (she reminded me of me) but Alice is quite the character. Alice does what a lot of young girl does, finds a boy she’s completely smitten with and can’t get enough of.

Joe is portrayed as that secret dark horse that you want to find out more about but he annoys you at the same time. Why? One of the silliest reasons I can think of – I kept trying to picture him in my head but couldn’t quite work him out! Although the eyebrow piercing is gross.

Once Alice ventures off to Cambridge I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t sure if Joe would turn up or if she’d meet someone new. To be honest I’m pleased she met so many people whilst she was living there because I think if that was me in that situation I would be very upset and lonely. I like reading about the different characters that walked into her life, they seemed like great friends.

The German twist was fantastic, I really liked that and I envied the first date but as I got to know Lukas a bit more, I hated him. The more I read, the more I wanted to punch him but I can’t really punch my Kindle. You’ll see for yourself why I got a little aggressive towards him (I love how he’s not even real yet he still bothered me).

It was definitely a well written piece by Paige Toon as I was intrigued throughout the whole book and I needed to know how it ended. If I couldn’t finish the book due to my Kindle breaking I would be on edge haha. There were definitely some twists in there that shocked me (I can’t reveal or you’ll be sad I did) but very well thought out. The links between the locations and how the characters developed worked very well.

I did read this book in a matter of days and it got to the point where I was even reading whilst walking around the house. Please do consider purchasing this book because you will be gripped by the characters and probably frustrated at the same time. Paige Toon is an incredible writer and one that I admire.

One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon

A Street Cat Named Bob Book Review

I hadn’t come across this book until the film was released in cinemas and I didn’t C8aWmPOXYAA3L2A.jpg-largeget chance to go and see it. I often do a charity shop book raid once a month to see what little gems I can pick up and this book was one of them. This title made me curious so I had to buy it.

The Goodreads and Amazon reviews for this book are a little hit and miss due to the copy and people commenting on its repetition. Just shut up. How can you expect someone who has had a difficult life since their teenage years to be an expert writer. That’s it, you’ve realised that it is quite unlikely.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and had no idea what the book was going to be about but I got into it straight away. Yes I do judge the way things are written but with this book I didn’t, I carried on and ignored what errors I’d just read. The way James introduced himself and his new best friend Bob was great, it was the perfect way to start a story.

It was very important for James to highlight how the homeless and vulnerable have to live on a daily basis. I have never been in this position but from walking the streets of London and seeing people on the street desperate for food, money and a home is heartbreaking. This book gives you a very good insight into that lifestyle. I felt happy when James came across Bob, I knew things would work out for them in the end! They are such an inspiring pair that go through a hell of a lot together but still walk around with smiles on their faces.

When James wrote about taking on the role as a Big Issue vendor – my way of thinking changed forever. Firstly, I was shocked. I have never known anything about the Big Issue Magazine but knowing its how the homeless and vulnerable get back on their feet will make me think twice about saying no when walking past. The vendors have to buy their magazines in order to make money – this made me sad.

I think everyone should give this book a read. After reading this I really do feel differently towards choosing to ignore those that are trying to change their lives.


The Wedding Singer Musical – The Curve

When I first saw that The Wedding Singer Musical was touring, I didn’t know what to think. Will it be as good as the movie? Will they pull the characters off? What songs are they going to sing? So I asked for tickets for Christmas – thanks dad!

My mum and I went on the last showing at The Curve, Leicester on Saturday 18th February and it was sold out. I won’t give too many spoilers away because the cast are still touring around the UK.

At first I can’t say I was enjoying it because I was constantly comparing it to the film as it is one of my favourite films. To be honest the start was quite slow and I had my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be like this the whole way through. Well it definitely wasn’t!!!

I thought the acting and singing was incredible. The notes were pitch perfect and the songs made you clap along which is what going to a musical is all about. However, I expected a few more solos from Ray Quinn and I was sad he wasn’t singing as much (big fan). One HUGE disappoint for me was George didn’t sing ‘Do you really want to hurt me?’ – WHY NOT?! Why was this not key, everyone knows the scene and I was waiting for it throughout the whole performance.

Now I’d never heard of Cassie Compton but what a beautiful voice, she is very very talented. Her portrayal of Julia was fantastic, very ditsy but it was cute and she researched and observed her character – I could tell. Robbie Hart and Holly were also bloody brilliant. I can’t fault the cast at all, they work so well together.

My two favourite characters were George (of course) played by Samuel Holmes and Grandma Rosie, played by Ruth Madoc. They had a scene together that had me in stitches, it added a great twist to the show! I can’t say too much because this scene was so unexpected and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else.

If this musical is in your area please do go and see it, support these upcoming actors / actresses. Just to pre warn you, you won’t be able to sing along to many of the songs!