Blogging has been postponed

Hello 2019, hello everyone – I think you may have forgotten about me because I’ve certainly forgotten about you. Blogging has been pushed back for months now, I have completely lost interest in writing which breaks my heart.

I am working two jobs, rehearsals every Monday (sometimes twice a week inc Sunday), a personal trainer, the gym, a book club. I am doing FAR TOO MUCH and it’s too overwhelming. I don’t even have time to sell my life on eBay which I need to do. I miss reading, I miss watching Netflix, I miss spending time with my friends – I MISS A LIFE.

For those that know, I’m trying to save for a house so I am working round the clock to make this happen. Unfortunately I am miles off from the deposit and really concerned it’ll take me a life time to get there. Here’s where I suggest that if you’re young enough get saving now. Please don’t leave it until you’re 25 and sat there staring at other people’s success whilst drowning in overtime at work.

Blogging will always be in my top 10 favourite things to do so I won’t be giving it up yet at all. I’m still going to be around and I’ll be thinking of things to write about.

I will get back into this – onwards and upwards.


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