Heavenly Desserts or Second Hand Desserts?

Yesterday I was invited to Heavenly Desserts in Loughborough for their grand VIP opening. It was great to see so many people outside the venue and we were also surprised by a generous donation to Rainbows Hospice. I never knew this was happening so I’m glad I had my camera at the ready!

Cheque presentation for Rainbows

After the grand opening we were invited to sit in a booth together which was a little tight but we managed it! I loved the decor, it was simple but really effective and they had additional products on their shelves. With them offering various flavours of ice creams the colours really stood out. Heavenly Desserts felt fresh despite it being new, it was modern and left your eyes wandering.

The menus were very thick and full of far too much choice, it was hard to narrow it down because to be honest I would have happily eaten as many desserts as possible. I am a huge fan of pudding and can normally eat as much chocolate as I like and I never feel sick! So let’s see how my dessert went down…


I decided to opt for a Ferrero Royale American Waffle because I love Ferrero Rocher’s and the picture looked incredible. I was toying with a milkshake for a while as they normally give me stomach ache but I thought what the heck, I’ll only live that Saturday once right? So I had the Belgian Chocolate Milkshake – chocolate overload!

Everyone had received their desserts before myself and my plus one and I’ve got to say they looked incredible. I wanted to take a bite out of each one. Our order had to be taken twice as it seems it had gotten lost and we were still waiting. It seemed a little chaotic to me but it wasn’t ruining my experience just yet.

My fellow blogger friend Bejal ordered a Belgian Waffle but was accidentally served an American Waffle with Nutella. Before she’d realised Bejal had cut into the corner of the waffle and eaten it. The waitress was told it was incorrect and took it away. A few seconds later a replacement for Bejal was bought over and it looked great. My order came over a few minutes later and looked absolutely delicious until I turned it around for photos. As I said above, Bejal’s waffle had a bite missing and guess what? So did mine!! It turns out they’d just chucked the additional toppings from my menu choice onto Bejal’s old EATEN order. Please just read EATEN and be as horrified as me.


I sat there and told everyone on my table I’ve just been given a waffle that’s previously been eaten. I’m not saying Bejal is full of germs but c’mon who thinks it’s acceptable to present someone with incorrect eaten food?! There are no words for this incident and when I told a member of staff, they genuinely didn’t seem like they cared. A lady took it back and all of a sudden the staff just turned around and stared at me. Sorry, let’s just remember who’s in the wrong here? I am not, YOU ARE. At this point I don’t even want another dessert because who else’s seconds am I getting?

Please please please tell me why you would serve someone, someone’s incorrect dish? Would you want to have second-hand food if you were eating out? I doubt it so don’t do it to me. After this experience I’m sorry but I will not be returning and will not be saying anything good about the Loughborough branch. I will accept it was stupidly busy, too busy for a ‘VIP’ event for bloggers but what happened yesterday is beyond disgusting and extremely unhygienic. I’m still questioning why this even happened.

At this point my plus one still didn’t have her dessert. My new one came and yes it was fresh because steam was coming off it, thank goodness. It was really tasty but I started to feel sick so I ended up leaving a quarter of it along with the ice cream.

I was really looking forward to this event because Heavenly Desserts has always looked delicious on Instagram posts but my visit was full of disappointment. My advice would be to have bloggers and special guests seated before the general public because it was just mayhem and not a nice experience.

*I was given a free dessert in exchange for an honest review.


12 thoughts on “Heavenly Desserts or Second Hand Desserts?

  1. bejalgosai says:

    Sam this is a very honest review and things did happen at this launch that were just an unfortunate shame. The food was nice but let down by bad service and the re-presentation of eaten dessert!

    • writtenbysjsmith says:

      Thank you Bejal. Completely agree with you there, the branch itself is nice but the service was below average. Hopefully it won’t happen again!

  2. thisvetruns says:

    Did they have any kind of response?! Well done for a very balanced and honest review- it’s always difficult to write something negative, but equally you didn’t make an extreme out of it. But really… 🙈

    • writtenbysjsmith says:

      Not particularly, it was like it was nothing. I honestly felt like I was making an ordeal out of it but I was served food that had already been touched? I just find the whole experience bizarre. I still had to pay for my milkshake as well…

      • thisvetruns says:

        We did too.. given that they’d invited bloggers in the hope that they’d write about it favourably it seems utterly bizarre! We had poor service, drinks still hadn’t arrived by the time food had and they showed no interest in where they were. And that’s the grand opening… ?

      • writtenbysjsmith says:

        Yeah see I think the bloggers should have been invited along with the bigger guests an hour before the general public. It was just utter carnage. Wow really? Gosh sorry to hear you had a bad experience as well. Yeah, it should have been the grand closing lol x

      • writtenbysjsmith says:

        That just makes it even worse. I might stick to the Derby branch next time, it’s only my second visit!

  3. Lora Hull says:

    I can’t believe how different our experiences were when we were literally sat on the next table! The food was fab but if I’d have had the same experience as you I wouldn’t be going back!
    Such a shame 😦


    • writtenbysjsmith says:

      I know, I can’t believe it either Lora. It’s so odd?! I’m gutted really as I’ve always liked seeing their range of desserts but I was still expected to pay for my milkshake as well. It just felt like being a customer didn’t matter, just get the desserts out and cleared as quickly as possible xx

  4. ndsouza2006 says:

    This is a shame and I agree with you they shouldn’t have had blogger in at the same time however that doesn’t justify the replating especially as that waffle had been sat on our table for about 5 minutes while we took photos

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