How does one get into gardening?

It is rare I come across a 25-year-old that is still living at home with their parents and ends up spending money on their garden. Well for the last few weeks I have been visiting garden centres within Derbyshire and had so much fun. I have always watched Love Your Garden on ITV1 and often felt inspired by the work produced.

We’ve recently replanted our hanging flower baskets at the front of the house and last weekend my dad let me plant a flower bed under the kitchen window. I think having my own projects to work on is really getting me into taking pride in the garden. Gardening has never really been a thing for me as my joints can’t cope with the extra work. Also I cannot stand having mud on my hands or in my nails, it freaks me out.

Flower bed under the window

I think working on the front and back garden with my parents has been such a great experience. We’ve had a lovely time bonding and we’re all coming up with ideas to improve the garden for us all. Who knew I would enjoy spending money on plants more than food? Yep, my bank balance keeps dropping because I’m going to Garden King or Planters at Bretby on the weekends.

Just an FYI pulling 4ft blackberry thistles out of the ground is a wonderful stress reliever even if you do prick your fingers a few times. We’ve cleared so many weeds out and the garden has improved massively! Onwards to the next step in the garden.

Plants in the rockery


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