Bioré Limited Edition Zebra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Review

Bioré nose strips are my favourite blackhead removing tool about! I only ever buy them from Superdrug when they’re on offer because I’m not madly in love with them for £9 and I’m a tight git. I use a Bioré nose strip once a month roughly as I don’t suffer too badly with my nose pores and I don’t want to waste strips for three blackheads.

My boyfriend has really large pores on his nose so we decided to do a little experiment with him. The first time I put a nose strip on him, the results were crazy. I am fascinated by blackheads (I’m sorry, I just don’t know why) and I feel like we emptied half of his nose. Poor guy, he must hate me! We were both impressed with the results but this left his nose quite flaky afterwards.

We left it around 2 weeks to do another strip as he had a job interview so I said he needed to look pretty for it! I thought the amount would be minimum because we did one not so long ago. After 25 minutes we decided to peel off the nose strip and here are the results.

Blackhead removal using nose strips

Apologies if this is not that clear but the strip was so full and some of the blackheads were quite long. Overall we’re both really happy with these and I would happily buy them again with a five-star recommendation. Superdrug usually have offers on and sell them for around £6 for a pack of six.

If you have tried these strips please let me know what your experiences have been?


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