The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest is a trivial comedy featuring serious people falling in love trapped in a web full of lies. This is one of Oscar Wilde’s most successful plays and will certainly make you laugh. As we all know ‘earnest’ stands for being honest and truthful whereas this play is completely the opposite.

I have never seen or read anything about The Importance of Being Earnest but I saw that a local theatre group were performing it during April so I decided to get tickets. Going in and not knowing anything about the show let me be open-minded with no expectations.

The Ashby Dramatic Society are based in Ashby with their own little theatre. This gives you that professional feeling and a great evening out. Tickets were £9 each and off the play began.


Jack pines after and wishes to marry Algernon’s cousin, Gwendolen but she has one difficult mother to convince, Lady Bracknell. She by the way was played by a fantastic actress and had me laughing every time she said something. I love sarcasm! As the story unfolds more and more secrets come out. Jack pretends to have brother called Earnest who Cecily thinks she’s in love with. Cecily is looked after by Jack in their swanky house in the country.

Jack proposes to Gwendolen but to her his name is Earnest and she says yes! She’s always wanted to marry an Earnest not a John, not someone else so Jack has to continue to pretend to being Earnest. As the lies continue Jack speaks to Algernon about his fake brother Earnest and Algernon seems curious to meet Cecily.

Jack mentions that Earnest has passed away to members of his country house to cover up his lies. However, Cecily and Algernon (Earnest number 2) are already together on a walk and this is where it all gets messy. I won’t say what happens as it’ll spoil the story if you don’t know it.

I have to say the relationship between Jack and Algernon worked really well. The gentleman that played Algernon really got into character which made it more effective. He was so relaxed and pulled it off, his facial expressions were exactly how posh people portray themselves in films.

All of the cast did so well! There were minor hiccups as it was the first night but no-one fell out of character, it was great. I want to praise everyone in that performance because there were so many lines to learn and they really did pull it off. The set and props were brilliant and you can’t fault what they had put together. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will be keeping an eye out with what the Venture Theatre come up with next! A five-star performance from me.


One thought on “The Importance of Being Earnest

  1. TMSPhotography says:

    I thought the play was very well executed by the Venture Theatre. Enjoyed the experience and would definitely go again and yes I do love this story!

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