A weekend in Verona, Italy

I fell in love with Italy back in 2016 when I took a trip to Pisa and Florence – oh my it is stunning. This year I thought about revisiting Italy but I wasn’t sure where to go for four days at Easter as I know Italy is quite religious. Myself and Vanessa spent endless evenings trying to narrow down places and eventually we Googled Verona and fell in love.

We were both struggling with stress at work and it was exactly the break we needed. Flights were booked through Ryanair for more than we had hoped but Ryanair being Ryanair, the page froze and oh the price went up by £30 – shock. I always use Airbnb for my accommodation because it is far too expensive to stay in a hotel when you receive exactly the same benefits in someone’s home.

I was so excited to go on holiday with Vanessa and she’s recently come back into my life within the last year and it was great to catch up properly.

About Verona

It is an absolutely stunning city with so much to stand and stare at. The architecture of the buildings are mesmerizing, the people are in a world of their own and the food is delicious. There are maps at the airport which I definitely recommend taking, it’s where you buy your bus tickets into the city centre.

These are just a few snaps from our first day as we couldn’t officially check in yet. We dropped our cases off at our Airbnb and headed out to explore. We came across this castle like building on the way into town and it was beautiful. The castle has a bridge attached to it and of course I had to have a picture because the views in the background were incredible.

Using the map was really helpful because in Verona there are a lot of things to see but they’re spread out across the city. Without it we probably would have missed half of the churches we visited. One of the places both Vanessa and I wanted to visit was Romeo’s House / Balcony which seemed to be a difficult task to find. We now know why because it is the most pointless thing. We walked a fair distance to see absolutely nothing so that was good.

Now one thing you MUST go and see is Juliet’s House / Balcony – featured in Letters to Juliet. Who would have thought you’d be queueing in the street to go and have a look at a balcony, well we did. Once we were in we ended up reading some of the letters and yes you will see a santury towel on the wall – creative I know?

You can go inside and have your picture taken on the balcony but we didn’t do that so I’m not sure how much that is.

The food tastes incredible but unfortunately we didn’t do any swanky dining so I haven’t got any recommendations for you. However, I do recommend you try and eat a little outside the city centre because that’s where the hidden gems are. Vanessa ate a delicious pizza for 5 euros. I would say a lot of my money went on buying drinks because they charge a lot more for bottled fizzy pop and we drank a lot of hot drinks whilst we were out.

I could keep talking about Verona but you may switch off from here and I still have Venice to talk about! I did have something written before but WordPress lost all of my work so apologies if I’ve waffled a little.

A day trip to Venice

Did you know you can take a trip to Venice for 18.10 euros return from Verona? Well you can and it only takes 1 hour and 27 minutes so why on earth not? I felt awful for making Vanessa go to Venice (read her blog to find out why) but in the end I think she was really happy we went, I know I was.

As soon as we got off the train it was like being in Victoria Tube Station – ridiculously busy. The first thing we decided to do was to go to the nearest restaurant and order pizza. Now the pizza in Verona is 5 euros and the pizza in Venice is 15 euros. I died inside but it was so worth it – look at those mushrooms!!!

It was very busy in Venice and that didn’t change. We sat by the river for a while just to get out of the crowds and watched the boats and river gondalas go by. We didn’t use Google Maps for our day out as we fancied a little adventure. We walked into the main square and then headed down the side streets to find these unexpected views.









Venice is a MUST see. I am so glad we went for the day but I wish I saw more of the city as it seems we missed quite a bit. I think if I was to visit again I would potentially stay in Verona as it was a lot cheaper than Venice.

So there you have it, a shortened version of our trip to Italy. I could talk for hours about the trip because the city c’est manique. I will be visiting again to see everything else I missed. Have you ever been to Venice or Verona?


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