The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

I picked this little book up from my local RSPCA charity shop before Christmas and began reading in January. Yes January and I have only just finished. The front cover is exciting, it makes you wonder what the book is about and the blurb has you gripped.

There are two main characters, Yasmin and her ten-year-old daughter Ruby who go on an adventure to find Matt. Ruby is deaf and the book is well written to support this. I like that British sign-language has been used and it is clear research has gone into the book.

You get the impression that The Quality of Silence would be a page turner as it’s been described as a ‘relentlessly tense thriller’. Haha okay, it definitely isn’t. I liked the book that much, I spilt my drink over it twice. Here’s where my review goes right down hill…

What a yawnfest. I am so disappointed with this book. It’s utter shite. Sorry Rosamund Lupton but I have had to force my way through the whole book which has taken a whopping four months to read. I gave up with Gone Girl after 125 pages because that was naff but I needed to know what had happened to Matt (the dad) on his trip to Alaska.

We spend at least 280-300 pages getting to Matt’s location and the book is 377 pages long. The car journey’s felt like they would never end. I don’t need descriptions of every minor detail, I was bored stiff. Nothing happens at all, Yasmin bumps into a few people at an airport and that’s it.

Oh here’s the twist for you. Matt has been missing and presumed dead by local residents as the village he was staying in caught fire and killed 24 people. Only 23 live there and there was an extra body so everyone thought it was Matt. Here’s where it gets interesting. Not. Yasmin and Ruby finally find Matt in a aputiak that he built – wow I wasted so much time reading this to find out he was alive and living in ice. That made my day.

I do have to commend Rosamand for her research into the terms, the Alaskian culture and the detail of the places but crikey, nothing else was thought about. This would be a 1/10 rating for me and I don’t recommend. However, if you have previously read it please let me know what you think?!


2 thoughts on “The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton

  1. stardustbookreviews says:

    I wasn’t keen on it either, to be honest. Like you, it sounded good from the blurb, something I would be interested in, but in reality I really struggled with it and I have to admit I gave up with it about a quarter of the way through. Kudos to you for sticking with it until the end!

    • writtenbysjsmith says:

      It was really bad. I don’t know why I put myself through the pain of reading it to be honest. A long 4 months that’s for sure 😂

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