Top 15 things I have never done

So I thought I would write something a little different this time by actually talking about my self and things that I haven’t done. When you read through this list you might be as shocked as me that I’ve not done half the things everyone else has done. I would also be very interested in your I have nevers.

I have never:

  • Been on a sunbed
  • Had my hair dyed in a salon
  • Had false nails
  • Travelled to America
  • Held a snake or been near one
  • Known how to put make-up on correctly
  • Ordered a steak at a restaurant / pub / anywhere
  • Had the flu
  • Killed an animal whilst driving (although I nearly did today)
  • Had any driving incidences (cursed myself probably)
  • Visited Ireland
  • Been stung by a bee / wasp
  • Decorated any room
  • Taken any illegal drugs
  • Been arrested or in trouble with the police

I think my list is quite generic but some people are often shocked that I haven’t ever ordered a steak before.

Please let me know what your top 15 things are. I know I definitely have more but the list would go on and on!


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