Christmas in Berlin and Hanover

At the start of December I flew to Berlin for a bargain price of £24! I hadn’t planned anything for my trip despite reading Trip Advisor recommendations so I let my feet take me around the streets. I used Airbnb for my accommodation which cost me £68 – again another bargain for two nights. My Airbnb host gave me directions to his apartment from the airport which was a great help because I can’t speak a word of German.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my room I just popped them onto my Instagram story. It was very spacious and had lots of information leaflets on the desk which was really useful.

My first day I spent following Google Maps as I was roughly 15 minutes away from the Berlin Wall. When it comes to history I am obsessed with it. I am fascinated with how the world has changed and what people did for us so I can write this for you now. The Berlin Wall was never a subject studied at school so I wasn’t particularly familiar with why it was ever built. Not knowing why gave me the opportunity to take a visit to the Berlin Wall Museum just opposite the remaining parts of the wall. This is extremely informative and definitely worth a visit if you plan on venturing over to the wall.

Of course I didn’t just go to Germany for the historical aspect, I went because their Christmas markets look absolutely incredible! Yes they do live up to expectations before you wonder what they’re like. There are lights everywhere, I couldn’t help but walk around smelling the different cuisines, hearing the laughter and looking at stalls wishing I had this in my town. I ventured to quite a few markets around Berlin and all of them had their own German twist. The memorial for the terrorist attack at one of the markets was so moving – rest in peace.

Christmas German market

One of my favourite moments from my trip was bumping into Ricky Gervais and his wife at a market. It was an extremely surreal moment and he said ‘hello’ to me as if he was David Brent. I wish I thought of filming it but it was a spur of the moment incident – I mean who would have thought I’d bump into Ricky?

There are endless things to do in Berlin but it was hard to squeeze it into two and a half days. I will be writing a separate blog post on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe because it needs to have a dedicated post. There’s a small Anne Frank exhibition down a really interesting alley which was good to see as I never had the opportunity when I visited Amsterdam. It is self funded so please do try to visit if you can.

Hanover took me by surprise. I expected it to have more to visit than it did but walking through the Christmas markets at night was sweet. It didn’t have the same impact as Berlin’s because some were just down a street so it became extremely overcrowded. I would say Berlin loves Christmas probably a little more than Hanover.

Hanover German Christmas market

Herrenhaser Garten is absolutely beautiful although a summer visit is most likely more interesting than a winter one. This isn’t just a standard garden, it’s huge! There’s a lot of different plants to see amongst the naked statues. One aspect of the garden you will enjoy is the mosaic glass outbuilding, it is full of intriguing art.

I stayed with a friend whilst I was in Hanover and we were snowed in on my last few days but it was absolutely worth it. I had to have a Netflix and chill day because my joints and back were struggling to keep up with me after my adventures on my own.

I would love to keep talking about my trip but the word count is going up and up. Have you ever been to Germany during Christmas time?

Four ball snowman


One thought on “Christmas in Berlin and Hanover

  1. directlylaura says:

    Wow seems like a fab place to visit, especially around Christmas! I’m also more of a fan of the sight-seeing adventures … give me those over a beach any day! I’m adding to my travel bucket list now. The Anne Frank memorial museum could be interesting to give some time to on my visit. Thanks for sharing and your recommendations too. Xx

    Laura |

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