Derby Bloggers Brunch

It was my first time ever attending a bloggers meet up because I either live to far away or I’ve got other plans. Derby is around 30 minutes away from me so it’s not too bad to get to. Anyway I’d never met any of the girls that were attending, I’ve only ever tweeted some of them so I was dreading putting names to faces.

One of the many reasons I was looking forward to going was to see an old secondary school bestie of mine. I didn’t know Vanessa had her own blog until I came across her Instagram post and told her to get on Twitter!

Monét put a group together on Twitter so we could all have a little chat before hand and I added Vanessa to the group. This made talking to people a bit easier because some of us were/are strangers to one another. I’m so pleased she was able to come along! I’m so pleased I was able to attend as I was unsure about whether to go or not. Purely for the fact that I do not blog very often and mines a little basic compared to others.

We were late, I missed my train (not happy) and then we had to find our way to Severn restaurant which by the way is BEAUTIFUL! It was daunting walking through those doors because you don’t know what sort of reaction you’ll get when you first walk up to the table. Neither of us knew anyone. I didn’t recognise many faces (sorry) and they probably didn’t recognise me because I’m a fraudster, I don’t wear glasses on my pictures. Hehe.

After we sat down and settled in we got speaking to at least half of the table (sorry I didn’t speak to the other side, the table was very long) and they were all so so friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer bunch of people to spend my first ever poached egg in a restaurant experience with! We all ended up speaking about so many different things but to be honest I think I just waffled on about so much crap. Again, sorry!

I’m looking forward to attending the next #DerbyBloggersBrunch and getting to know these ladies more. I hope to carry on tweeting everyone like I always do and hopefully I can make some really good friends from this.

Thank you to Monét for organising it, Severn restaurant for hosting it with such incredible tasting food and the girls for attending. See you all again soon! Muchos gracias.



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