The best black mineral face mask

I have tried endless face masks to help keep my skin looking normal but I have sensitive skin and don’t seem to get on well with skin products. There are many of these skin / beauty companies like Juice Plus, Forever Living, Nuskin etc and I’m always skeptical using them – why? Well for me, it is because we don’t see them on the market, everything is always ‘inbox you’ or ‘messaged you’ when you enquire about the product and the sellers never post their own pictures.

I came across Avon’s Clearskin Black Mineral Mask whilst flicking through the brochure and thought, yep I’ll give this one a go for £2.25. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to skin care. It doesn’t burn my skin, it smells fine and you can feel it working on your face.

When washing it off, my face feels like silk! I make the most of this everytime I use it because it’s normally oily. I often have orders for this product and it always gets rated highly so I’m happy enough to write a little post about it!

It seems like it’s got magic inside the liquid because you can see the pores on your face once dried. It is a jaw dropper believe me but well worth the investment. I just want to apologise for the picture below. I wanted to show my customers how it works and well I clearly can’t apply it well but look at those pores!!

As Vine would say ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!’



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