Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society

I try and take part in charity events whenever I can but my auntie sent me a message asking if I wanted to take part in the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society and of course I said yes. This charity is quite close to my heart because my great nan has suffered with this disease for majority of my life. Anita Simms a 92 year old war survivor, she is my German nan and a lady I admire.

Although she’s been pretty poorly for a long time and hasn’t got a clue who I am anymore she still has her sense of humour. It is heartbreaking to see her like she is as many of you will probably know if you’ve been in a similar situation but she can still crack one or two jokes sometimes.

I would do anything to give my nan her memory back so that’s why I’m raising money for this wonderful charity so they can help others with treatment.


My nan and me (December 2016)

Also I have to say that Emmerdale was pretty inspiring with their storyline with Ashley Thomas. I was gripped, emotional and could relate to it all especially when I’ve seen those living with my nan acting similar. Watching that whole storyline really made me want to do something for the charity and now I am doing it!

I am not asking for sponsors but it would be lovely if you would not for me but for all of those that have suffered and are suffering and will suffer.


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