The endless pressure when in a relationship

So I have been with the other half for nearly four years but he’s been in and out of my life for 10. People often have this expectation that we need to rush into things as we’ve been together for so long but we’re quite happy as we are. We both have no responsibilities and we can enjoy our own space and pretty much do whatever we want, whenever we want.

We’ve found out fairly recently that we’re going to be an auntie and uncle – YAY! Super happy about that and can’t wait to meet him. We were at a party the other day and once it was announced people instantly came up to us and said ‘You two are next, when will it happen?’ My response was it’ll happen in our own time. We get this all of the time and I really don’t know what the rush is? Someone please tell me?

I am not sure why but when you’re in a relationship there is so much pressure to quickly get engaged, move in and have a family. For me, I want to be able to enjoy what selfish time I have, do random things together and be able to have an argument without it affecting our household or family life.

Maybe I’m too laid back but to be honest I am not ready for that, its a huge life change and we’re both on the same wave length. I want to be sure that once I’ve made this step, it is the right one and I don’t want to turn back. I doubt I will want to turn back because I love the guy but people do struggle to adjust to change and I am one of them.

Who else has this to deal with as I can’t be the only one?!


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