My goals for 2017

This year has been pretty crazy for me as a lot has happened with my career and where I was living. Most will know I quit one job to become a Content Writer and then I was made redundant as a Content Writer to then jetting off to France for six weeks to work as an au pair. Yep, I am a little explorer and I have got to say whilst I was away from the UK and work it was the most incredible experience and to be honest I would go again.

I will admit that since I have come back to the UK my mood has been quite low because I am not progressing with things. I am lucky in a sense to be working as a Temporary Christmas Sales Assistant as it is a source of income but unfortunately it isn’t a lot.

So what will I be changing?

This list is one I need to look back on in a years time and see what changes I made and how far I came. It is so strange that the next year of my life is completely unpredictable and it is quite exciting.

  • Get a job in what I want to do (media, social media or marketing)
  • Continue to grow my Avon and making it a success
  • Go on holiday with Michael
  • Buy a new car
  • Read more books
  • Lose weight (I say this every flipping month)
  • I want to concentrate on my blog more and make it bigger and better!
  • Visit more places at the weekends

I do think these goals are achievable and I will work extremely hard to get there. I can’t let my current situation ruin my self-esteem and mood.

What are your 2017 goals?


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