Tops tips for a trip in Amsterdam

When we were looking for flights and accommodation we decided to opt for Airbnb as we’d previously used this service on separate occasions. Flights were a bargain from Birmingham, I think we paid £96 for an early morning flight and a return at night so we benefited for the whole stay. It took us a while to find the right accommodation as I didn’t really want to spend a lot and most of the places available were in the city centre at a stupid price. Reanna came across an apartment just outside of the centre which had great reviews and looked really stylish, so we booked it!

When we arrived outside a building which we couldn’t make out if it was ours or not, we tried to unlock the key box but nope it wouldn’t budge. Ray called the owner, she came down and let us in but quickly dashed off. After climbing up three floors with narrow stairs and baggage we arrived. The initial response was wow, I love it until I sat on the bed and moved the pillows. I found BLACK HAIRS in the bed and on the pillows – horrified. Usually I don’t complain but when other people’s bits are in the bed, I kinda don’t fancy sleeping with that.

A message was sent to the host to explain the situation and she called straight away offering us a refund and to find somewhere else to stay but let’s be honest that is a silly suggestion as we wouldn’t find anywhere else at the price we paid. The blame was put on the cleaning company she hires but didn’t come up to check the bedding herself. Oh I forgot to mention that her flat was below ours, below!! So I found a washing machine and said we could wash them but we also discovered there was no spare bedding. We all stood there baffled. Any who to cut it short, I washed the bedding and the spare sheet I found had a stain on it so that was good. We didn’t get our bedding washed and dried until the next day and the host never asked us if we were okay or how we got on. Never heard anything off her again so she’s the worst host I’ve ever experienced.

Where to visit?


This was my favourite experience of the whole trip. I was absolutely fascinated with the culture and the way of living in Amsterdam. Walking through the Red Light District and seeing how the women work (not literally) in the windows, the surroundings, the different locations for straight, lesbians and trans really had me hooked. The area is extremely busy as there are over 250 shop windows across the district. Definitely worth taking a walk there.

Now the Museum of Prostitution is 8€ and has a lot to offer. Everything is in English so that makes the experience even better as you can read all of the information on the walls. It mentions a murder of a prostitute which has never been solved and later on you will walk past a memorial of all those who have died whilst working as a prostitute. You will have a laugh in there as well, it is quite an interactive place and I’m glad we had the opportunity to visit.


Me, Tiffany & Reanna


This was my first time ever visiting an ice bar and I absolutely loved it. The introduction to the icebar is a little lame but you just go with it because you’re about to freeze your balls off and its a laugh. They give you a coat and some really crappy ass gloves – please take your own gloves. I didn’t really understand why they were giving me a coat when I was wearing one but I am so thankful they did! Guess the temperature? Nope you were wrong, it was a staggering -9.4 degrees. When you think about it, we paid 15€ to freeze and drink (3 drinks are included) but it was well worth it despite thinking my fingers were burning off. This is a must see, please do visit and try to take pictures without losing a hand!


In the last few years I have been obsessed with sushi to the point where I want it every time I go out as Swadlincote doesn’t have this. We were greeted by a lovely host, he took our coats and told us he’d be at our service etc. The sushi came around on a conveyor belt just like Yo Sushi but the choices were different. I decided to try different things and I enjoyed everything I ate. The prices are great as well because I didn’t have much money left. We did experience one hiccup as our orders were cooked wrong, there was a misunderstanding and it became awkward. The front of house member of staff said we got our orders wrong and it wasn’t us. The chef apologised, we received our orders and I’m glad we got them because I didn’t think I could fall in love with seven vegetables! Yummy. If you like sushi maybe check this place out.

Other useful places / tips:

Sex Museum – 4€ and it is a great experience and a laugh!

Buy a waffle because my word they are incredible, I had Nutella.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not – 17€ it was okay and there are lots to see but I wouldn’t visit again.

Coco’s Outback restaurant – Half price food on Monday’s and it’s delicious plus the staff are really friendly. They also serve hot drinks, their hot chocolate was so good! I’m a burger fan so it was perfect for me.

Walk along the canals and see the bridges, it’s a nice walk around and you’ll see lots of different buildings with unusual architecture.


Please make sure you have change because no one seems to have change!


Do not waste your time and money visiting the Torture Museum. It was the worst 7.50€ we had ever spent, you walk through a dark hallway look at text on a wall, see a few items and boom 10 minutes has gone and its over. If we could get a refund we would definitely do that.

I hope this helps you on your trip to Amsterdam and I do think it is worth a visit and I’m glad I had the opportunity to go with my two best friends.

Halloween 2016.jpg


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