I Never Gave My Consent Book Review

I have got to say, what an incredible and heartbreaking read by Holly Archer. This book is based on a true story written by a lady called Holly Archer from Telford, West Midlands. The book consists of 275 pages, at first I thought hmm that’s not a lot, you can’t tell a true story in that length but my word she did it and she did it well.

When I came across this book on Amazon I was extremely intrigued as I had never come across the story before. I Never Gave My Consent is a gripping read and some of the events that went on in Holly’s life is shocking. I was reading this in the car on my way to Paris and on several occasions I had to cover my mouth in shock, I was horrified that people could do such a thing.


What kept crossing my mind whilst I was reading this is ‘She is a flipping child, what are you doing to her?!’. In some parts which may sound really bad from me but I have never been brainwashed was why didn’t she just run away or get out of the car. Then you realise that you have no idea what it was like to be used for sex by many different men.

The story is a brutally honest account of her teenage years living in Telford and being used as a prostitute within an Asian community. Holly’s account was so clear, it was as if I was there and knew her personally which is why I thoroughly enjoyed the book (not in a sick way). I even got angry and wished I was friend’s with Holly and Carly to help them, to pull them away from the vicious so-called men WHO HAVE CHILDREN?!?! Perverts with children, ergh just awful.

My hatred for those men, for Mr Khan, Kev and Andy (plus the many others) hasn’t settled still. I would have liked to read a little about the case and how long the seven men went to prison for, it was a really interesting read.

I hope now Holly has peace just like she said at the end and can continue to work with children to avoid this happening to more people. I highly recommend this book and it is a five star read for me. Please read this and tell the story to your children, to avoid grooming and having to go through the same or similar experiences.


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