The girl on the train – just thinking

Today I was sat on the train staring out of the window at other people’s houses. As we ventured through the different villages I saw people gardening, smiling and exploring. Looking out of the window has made me think about how much I don’t want to leave France.

Everyone is happy here including me, they are friendly when you need to ask a question and just make you feel like you’re in England. I love listening to the French conversations and making up in my head what they’re talking about. I get to hear Germans speaking so fast I can’t figure any word out whatsoever. There’s so much to see and so much I haven’t done in the time I’ve been here.

Life as an au pair is extremely exciting and it may seem like you’ll be a babysitter but you’re treated like one of the family. I don’t miss the arrogance of the English, the stress, the moaning of having a bad day at work or arguing. It’s so tranquil and my life has been so different since being here, I feel so alive and free. I guess it could sound daft but it makes you want to carry on and makes you plan whatever is next for your adventure.

It’s even crazier that I’m stood at Mulhouse train station typing this into my phone so I can save it until later – no Internet. I could get on a train from here and visit endless places because I’m free from being bossed around and not appreciated. The time was definitely right for me to do this and to help me find myself a little, I’ve gained a bit more confidence when travelling alone via the train.

Oops I’m staring out of the window again on the way to Colmar and it has got me thinking again plus I’m listening to Coldplay and they make life complete. France has made me smile so much and for the little time I’ve spent here, I will always treasure it and the family that looked after me. 

As Lego would say, ‘Everything is awesome.’


2 thoughts on “The girl on the train – just thinking

    • samanthajsmith says:

      Hey Breanne, you’re most welcome. It just came to me yesterday as I was sat there staring into the empty fields and looking at the beautiful countryside. I’m in the Alsace region, in a small town called Sierentz, it is near Mulhouse. Fab area, I adore it! Oh I’m off to Paris next week for a break away with the family, I’m sure I’ll love it πŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting!

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