The return to Sierentz, France

I arrived back into France on Wednesday evening and I have to say, I am so happy to be back. The children were waiting for me all day but I didn’t arrive until 10:30pm so they were asleep. Next morning the two girls ran at me and gave me the biggest hug, it was so sweet.

Tonight I will be going out with other au pairs from the local area for the first time, we’re attending a small ‘gig’ type talent night in Sierentz. I haven’t met these girls yet but it will be quite nice having other people to travel around with.

We are only two days in and already I don’t want to leave France but come October 23rd I will be making a 12 hour journey back to the UK on a coach. Unfortunately I cannot stay for longer as the family have found another au pair until Christmas – whoever they are, they have picked a great family.

If you lose your job, you are fed up with what you are doing or you are at university with the summer break to fill up, being an au pair is an experience I think you should consider. It is so rewarding (not money) but life experience, you get to be within other cultures, learn languages (well try), try new food, meet new people and the best of all TRAVEL. Yes this may have left me in the shit for when I run out of money but money cannot buy what I am doing right now. I am at my happiest and I can’t remember what being stressed and unappreciated feels like.


Just remember you are your own person and only you can control what happens in your life. Paths may be good to follow but you need to think of yourself when taking another step forward. Life is short, make each day count and do not regret your decisions.



2 thoughts on “The return to Sierentz, France

  1. PocahontasJane says:

    Short n sweet indeed 🙂

    My friend and her sister actually au pair for a family in Spain and whenever we catch up she fills me in on all their adventures and photos! It looks amazing and is something I have thought of doing in the past. My mum used to be a nanny when she was younger but passed on the opportunity to move with the family and be there full time. She oftens think about how different her life would be (in a good way though) if she had taken it.

    Glad you had a lovely experience. I’d be interested in photos of Sierentz as I’ve never been.

    RebeccaJane xo

    • samanthajsmith says:

      I have always looked and thought oh hmm maybe, I don’t know if I can do that..blah blah but I’m so glad I did because I don’t know when else I would do it. Yeah I think it opens your eyes to many things, I don’t know if I could keep jetting off to places as I have things at home that I don’t want to ruin.
      Thank you! I will be uploading pictures so keep an eye out, its only a small town but it is lovely 🙂

      Sam x

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