Personalised frames – Framing Beads

I first came across Framing Beads in 2014 through Facebook and ever since we have become really good friends. This business is the only place I order personalised frames from due to the quality of work and the questions I am asked to make sure the order is right.

Every piece made by Framing Beads is unique in its own little way. The designs are not copied from other crafters but are thought out and designed so you receive the perfect frame. You are talked through the design and crafting process and shown pictures before the frame and its accessories are glued down.

DSC00226 copy.jpg

Petite Treasures Collection

This is one of my favourite frames that I have ordered for myself because it really makes my graduation photo stand out due to the colour contrast. I asked Framing Beads if it was possible to create a graduation frame for me and I had no ideas in my head for the frame. Below is the outcome and I am very impressed. It is a simple design but it says everything it needs to say, I graduated, the date it happened and the celebration of the day by using bunting across the top.

Celebrate Collection

If you are looking for a personalised frame for any occasion and want quality, a quick turn over and a surprise for a friend then Framing Beads is your company. I have ordered at least 10 frames over time for friends and myself. Members of my family, a few friends have also used Framing Beads and have been extremely pleased with the end product, as have I.






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