Back in the UK

On Wednesday I arrived back in the UK and it is nice to be back yet the weather is horrible over here due to the high levels of humidity. Yuk. Since being back, things have hit me a little and I feel like I will be stuck once again. Obviously money is a big worry for me because whilst I am in France I am only earning 70€ a week which covers my flights. I love what I am doing and I want to stay longer but it is expensive to fly over there plus I have things to pay for. Car, car insurance, MOT, road tax – ew.

Should I be worrying? At 23 I should not be stressing over money or what my future holds for me but I never know what I am doing. I feel that maybe I will have to sell lots of my belongings at a car boot sale, that’d really help as I am Queen of Clutter!!

What would you all do? Not care about what happens next and just enjoy yourself or stop being adventurous and get shit done…sorry get a job? By the way, I LOVE FRANCE.


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