Latest fashion finds

I am not one for keeping up to date with the latest trends because recently they seem to be out to make size 12-14 girls with horrendous looking curves (me) look like a xjfdjikne$kwrfj – one of those. Just need to clarify that the crop top would probably only just cover my boobs and straight dresses would enhance my love handles. So nope, the new clothes in now are not for the bigger person. THANKS FASHION.

Swadlincote does not really have that many clothes shops as it’s a small town with one high street, its tough trying to buy clothes here. Anyway, the one life saver we have is Peacocks! Thank goodness they came back. I have had so many compliments on my clothes asking where I got them from, my answer ‘Peacocks’ – no way? Yes way.

As I am going away on Saturday for a little while, I needed to invest in shorts to tan my milky white legs and also to keep me cool. I HATE wearing shorts, not comfortable in them at all. I had a quick wander into Peacocks and it must have been destiny, I found two pairs of shorts, in my size that did not look too bad when I tried them on. Yay!

(I don’t have a fancy back drop or foam board so screenshots will do for now)


Women’s Mid Blue Printed Viscose Shorts, £8, Peacocks


Women’s Black Printed Viscose Shorts, £8, Peacocks

So when you are looking for some new bits, do not forget the cheaper clothes stores because the quality of these shorts are perfect for me. Peacocks is one of the only stores to cater for all shapes and sizes which is one of many reasons why I love shopping there.

If you are not 100% body confident like myself, get yourself into Peacocks and see what they have got to offer! The pricing is fantastic and you can always grab a bargain.


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