New adventure

Exciting news for me, I am off to France until the end of October. YAAAY!

What a huge opportunity for me and I get to explore France, Switzerland and potentially Germany. You might be wondering why I’m going, well since being made redundant I have really struggled to get a job in the local area within media. So I thought, let’s see what I can do for a little bit without causing me disruption. Oh it is something new as well because I have always wanted to travel.

First thought came to me, why not be an Au Pair? Well because I am not the strongest person with children very well so I was quite specific about the age I wanted to look after. I sent three applications and unfortunately did not hear anything back from them. Anyway, my profile was full of things about me and a French family contacted me saying they’re really interested.

So yep, I am jetting off to France on Saturday to gain valuable life experience and I will get the chance to teach three children English and help them with their homework. I am really excited to do this, I am looking forward to taking care of the children and I cannot wait to travel around the area.

Keep an eye on my blog to see updates when I will be living in France  🙂


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