The Sound – book review

I am currently reading this really interesting book called ‘The Sound’ by Sarah Alderson which I came across for 50p in the Cancer Research charity shop. At the moment I am 78 pages in and just cannot put it down (work is getting in the way). One of the reasons I am enjoying this book so much is because the story has not been given away yet but the character development is bloody brilliant.

The main character is called Ren, she is a British 17-year-old teenage girl who travelled to America for a nannying job. The Tripp family seem really nice (Brodie is hilarious) and they are wealthy, the people she has met so far seem a little wild but I cannot quite figure them out. Without giving a spoiler away, she meets a boy or two and trying to work out which one is going to be better is a toughy.

Another great factor for this book is it I feel like it relates to me a little, the whole renting a bike and forgetting how to ride one because you don’t ride them very often. Yep, that is 100% me and I need to get back on my bike, there’s where the book inspires me.

I guess reviewing this book at this point is a little silly but I have a feeling I will finish it fairly soon as it comes out on my lunch breaks and I read it before I go to bed. I will do a full review of the book once I have finished it.


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