EU Referendum

June 23rd 2016 was a pretty incredible day as you are all aware however, June 24th history was made. The EU Referendum seems to have caused a lot of conflicting between friends, family members, across social media and even between work colleagues. I did not expect any resignations, I think it’s a shame David Cameron quit to be honest. I mean he’s not my favourite human being but you could see the disappointment in his face during his speech on Friday morning.

The criticism I have received for voting leave has been quite harsh, I am one of the majority that did not choose this decision because of immigration. Some may not believe me but I shall explain anyway…

Within my new job I am now in the marketing department, a team of four and we’re such a good team. Someone I am close to and someone with a high level of talent is German. This lady has bought so much to the company, she’s extremely talented and I am proud to have the opportunity to work alongside her. I have been teaching her English whilst she helps me learn new things (software and publishing) and German. I do not want to be branded a racist nor do I want us to close our borders. What a load of nonsense and for people to say that to me, you have no idea what my views are. Without having this lady in the company, we would still be using really out dated graphics, continuity errors and I would not have met such a fantastic friend.

Oh, guess what? My great nan is also German, full German so I wouldn’t be here without her, so again I’m not a racist like people keep branding the Brexit voters.

Maybe leaving the EU was a mistake, who knows but we have to pull together as a country, as the United Kingdom to make this work. Either way, no one knew what was going to happen but this has opened parliaments eyes to what the British people want. It seems the British public would like to make British laws rather than following the EU laws which I think need updating.

Let us try to stay positive and look forward to what the future has in store for the United Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “EU Referendum

  1. missionshedit2016 says:

    My bro lives and works in London and voted to leave as well. He is a superskilled immigrant and yesterday i had a great talk with him in which he explained why that was his choice. His reasoning was an eye opener because the propaganda on the news was making all those who voted to leave sound old, uneducated, racist etc etc. I totally get why the silent majority swung that way.

    • samanthajsmith says:

      I just wish other people would take it lightly rather than being so negative about the whole situation 😦

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