Fantastic Four Review

Date night turned into are we done yet?

My oh my, I had come across a few bad comments about Fantastic Four but my film opinions do vary to other people’s. Anyway, I had already booked the tickets so we couldn’t back out. After checking the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes I was slightly worried I had completely wasted my money on this ‘date night’.

So we got there, played a little air hockey as I like to be early to everything (a little too organised) and surprisingly I lost. Once we paid the sickening prices for a few nibbles at the cinema there was no turning back, £30 down so we’re all in.

To be honest, where do you even start on attempting to say something good about the film. At the start you’re introduced to the younger Reed and Ben but was that necessary, no. It just took far too long to get into the film, it really showed they were struggling to come up with a decent storyline for this one. Many will have written about how poor this film is but I can’t quite pin point the correct words to use.

In my opinion the film is based on a machine being built three times over and it gets bigger each time. It then has the tiniest superhero fight I have ever seen in the whole Marvel series. A little tragic and disappointing. Oh someone dies, the people around show no emotion, a few words and then boom, forgotten about – somehow unrealistic don’t you think for saying they’re family members? Kinda summed this film up in a paragraph.

So overall, I highly recommend nobody going to see this film.


5 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Review

  1. yourstrulysophie says:

    Haha! My boyfriend took me on a romantic night out before I went on holiday and he took me to see this. We had an amazing day and this film shitted on everything!! Thank goodness we didn’t have to pay for the tickets (boyfriend works at a cinema) but I was bored and wanted to leave, which may I add, I have never wanted to do!

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