I was inspired

Yesterday whilst I was at work I had a little spare time so I decided to do some research..What was it? Well, as you know I grew an interest in writing scripts due to my university course but this last year I have not written a thing. Maybe that is because I haven’t had to, I haven’t been told to do an assignment and the form of a routine has disappeared. Something changed yesterday, I think I had time to sit back and think about what I want in life despite the many things I have going on inside my head, this is definitely the main one. Although, I know I keep going on about this so it will eventually get boring to read and I’ll get bored of moaning.

There is a Masters degree I have wanted to do for the last two years but it’s finding the money and the time to do it. This degree would change a lot of things for me, it would point me in the direction I need to be a writer. This Masters covers a different variety of writing for many media platforms. There’s only one problem, I haven’t got the time nor the money to study it. There is an option to do it part time but to study for another three years is quite scary, anything could happen in those three years.

I came across some online script writing courses yet they do not give you any qualifications but they give you a lot of guidance. These courses vary in price but the average cost is around £200 which I could afford but it is whether they are worth that. Could I just buy some books instead and learn from them? John Yorke is a big inspiration to many writers and one many should follow.

These are options to consider and these are things I need to look into to make sure I make the correct decision.


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