Fitness progress

In my previous blog post I explained how I was losing weight and put weight back on due to my holiday. So now I thought about blogging my fitness progress a few days a week as well as other random bits and bobs.

Yesterday I started back to eating properly, logging what I eat and concentrating on the exercise I want to do. My plans do go out of the window though like they did today, oops.

There’s a fairly new magazine that has been released by the writers of Woman’s Own called Fit & Well. I came across this in Morrison’s and I had a read as soon as I got home and was instantly impressed. This magazine is fantastic, it includes recipes, healthy eating plans, exercises, exercise plans and it is only £1.99!! Perfect for what I am after as I never stick to anything.

Today I was supposed to go back to starting Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz but I am still suffering with ligament damage in my ankle so I gave it a miss. Instead I decided to try the 30 day plans that are featured in the magazine. One of them involves planking which I have never done before so I was intrigued to see what the results will be. The second challenge involves walking up and down the stairs for 10 minutes and my word I sounded like Wheezy from Toy Story afterwards. The joys of being an asthmatic ey?!

Motivation is at it’s lowest point at the moment due to me being out of a routine for two weeks but it’ll come back and I cannot wait to start back again. What makes it better is my local store is going to try and stock Fit & Well so I am guaranteed a copy every month. I would love to write an article for them about my progress especially because I have several conditions, one being a joint condition. Something different and something that could hopefully inspire those similar to me to keep on trying!

Ending to a good and positive blog post, I have lost 2lbs 😀



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