The kick I needed

From seeing my friends doing really well, it makes me feel a bit low as I envy everything they are doing. I do blame where I live a little and I also blame the fact I have not done the things they have to get where they are today.

Well, this has got to change. This will surprisingly be a positive post as I think I may have found the kick up the backside that I need. I need to explore different sectors, my blog needs to be somewhere to express anything and everything. There are many things I could write about on here, I always have things to moan about but I am always doing something different as well.

One of my main priorities is to go travelling, next year I will be 23, that seems like a perfect age to get out into the world and take one stride at a time. The last two years I have said, oh the summer is coming I’ll go travelling then. Did I? No. By the looks of my determination (imagination), next year is when I want to go whether it be for two months or just two weeks, life is about exploring and exploring is what I will do.

In the meantime, it is time to work on a new project and stick to this one.

Keep an eye out for some sneaky ideas



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