After speaking to a friend for the last two hours on the xbox, it’s actually made me realise that I need to make time for other things. I keep saying I’m going to write, do I write? Nope. I keep saying I want to travel but I’ve not done anything about that either.

Personally, I think it is down to laziness but being comfortable in my environment. Living at home is making things too easy for me as I’m sat with my parents a lot of the time instead of writing or looking at doing a new hobby in my spare time.

I have been ill recently which has made me not want to do anything, I have been ignoring my friends and not really wanting to go out. Completely the opposite to what I am usually like.

One thing I know that would keep me motivated is a magazine. A little brief? Well, I met someone, now a really good friend through Facebook and we are both in the same boat. We both have a degree but have not done anything with it! We spoke about writing an online magazine together, the excitement and enthusiasm was insane. All we spoke about for a few days…..then, yes you guessed it. Dead. It’d be such a great thing to get started again but we only have one thing in common, media.

If only I was still at uni, I was focused and did a variety of things. I miss that routine.


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