What is the right decision?

I am not really sure how I am feeling at the moment, I mean I have everything I could ever ask for, a great guy, a new job, a perfect family (when I say perfect, a wonderful home and people who love me) and I can drive. Plus, I have a great circle of friends despite losing one of them to drugs, sex and continuos partying but that’s besides the point.

Today feels like one of those days where you are supposed to look at your life and ask yourself, ‘what do I really want?’. Thinking about it, I could not give you an answer. It’s funny really, I have many creative talents but do nothing with them because I never put time aside for myself.

Reflecting on life is not something I should be doing at 22, I am a graduate not a middle aged woman regretting every decision I have ever made. Do we ever know when we’re not making the right decision? We don’t, we learn when we are going through the process of it becoming a mistake. How many mistakes does it take until you realise that is what you need to do.

I feel sad but I am not sure why.


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