What a great day!!

What a day, I never expected this at all especially after the constant no replies from employers.

Today, today I got a job.

This week has entailed me doing work experience for my local job centre. At first I was worried about stepping into something so confidential and where I would be emotionally involved with the general public. However, I was completely wrong. The amount of support I have received from all of the staff has been fantastic, to be honest I think that is the most welcomed I have ever felt.

Yesterday my ‘buddy’ at the job centre helped me prepare for an informal interview by practicing interview techniques with me. Was I nervous? Yes I was but only because I knew this person whereas I had never met my interviewer before. On Monday I will definitely be saying thank you to everyone for all of their help and giving me something to look forward to as I was slowly getting into a ‘depressed’ state.

The interview I attended this morning was for a Social Media and Admin Assistant for a small online furniture company that are expanding. One of the reasons I really wanted this job was to help transform the company. At the moment they currently have no social media so they are looking for someone to develop it! I was given the opportunity to attend an interview from 137 applicants down to 5. Shocked was not the word to use, I think astonished fits better.

Anyway, after 5 hours had passed since my interview I received a phone call offering me the job because they’re really impressed with my knowledge! Unemployed for 6 weeks and I have landed myself a fantastic job 😀


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